The output directory.


Specify where to output the files generated by qmlprojectexporter.

If using the --project-type argument to export a project with a type other than "none", the path given to --outdir is used as a base directory for the project. qmlprojectexporter stores the generated files for a .qmlproject file in "<outdir>/QtMCUs/generated" and exported platform sources in "<outdir>/QtMCUs/platform". If applicable, stores the IDE project files in "<outdir>/<ProjectType>" (For example "<outdir>/GHS"). Separate command-line options exist for overriding the default location for the different parts of the generated project.

If the --project-type is set to "none" or not specified, the generated files are placed directly in <outdir>.

Short option: -O


// This will export the project files to "{CurrentWorkingDirectory}/output-dir" folder.
qmlprojectexporter --outdir output-dir my_project.qmlproject


This option was introduced in QmlProject API 1.3 .

See also qmlprojectexporter.

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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