The QAccessibleStateChangeEvent notfies the accessibility framework that the state of an object has changed. More

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Detailed Description#

This class is used with updateAccessibility() .

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class PySide6.QtGui.QAccessibleStateChangeEvent(iface, state)#

PySide6.QtGui.QAccessibleStateChangeEvent(obj, state)


Constructs a new QAccessibleStateChangeEvent . iface is the interface associated with the event state is the state of the accessible object.

Constructs a new QAccessibleStateChangeEvent for object. The difference to the object’s previous state is in state.

Return type:


Returns the states that have been changed.

Keep in mind that the returned states are the ones that have changed. To find out about the state of an object, use state() .

For example, if an object used to have the focus but loses it, the object’s state will have focused set to false. This event on the other hand tells about the change and has focused set to true since the focus state is changed from true to false.