The QActionEvent class provides an event that is generated when a QAction is added, removed, or changed. More

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Detailed Description#

Actions can be added to controls, for example by using QWidget::addAction(). This generates an ActionAdded event, which you can handle to provide custom behavior. For example, QToolBar reimplements QWidget::actionEvent() to create QToolButtons for the actions.

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QAction actions()

class PySide6.QtGui.QActionEvent(arg__1)#

PySide6.QtGui.QActionEvent(type, action[, before=None])


Constructs an action event. The type can be ActionChanged, ActionAdded, or ActionRemoved.

action is the action that is changed, added, or removed. If type is ActionAdded, the action is to be inserted before the action before. If before is None, the action is appended.

Return type:


Returns the action that is changed, added, or removed.

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Return type:


If type() is ActionAdded, returns the action that should appear before action() . If this function returns None, the action should be appended to already existing actions on the same widget.

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