Detailed Description#

Provides a set of UI controls for Qt Quick.

Qt Quick Controls provides a set of controls that can be used to build complete interfaces in Qt Quick. The module was introduced in Qt 5.7.


Qt Quick Controls comes with a selection customizable styles. See Styling Qt Quick Controls for more details.

Using the Module#

To include the definitions of modules classes, use the following directive:

import PySide6.QtQuickControls2


Qt Quick Controls 2.0 was introduced in Qt 5.7. Subsequent minor Qt releases increment the import version of the Qt Quick Controls modules by one, until Qt 5.12, where the import versions match Qt’s minor version.

In Qt 6, both the major and minor versions match, and version numbers may be omitted from imports in QML. If the version is omitted, the latest version will be used.


List of Classes#