The QGraphicsSceneEvent class provides a base class for all graphics view related events. More

Inheritance diagram of PySide6.QtWidgets.QGraphicsSceneEvent

Inherited by: QGraphicsSceneWheelEvent, QGraphicsSceneResizeEvent, QGraphicsSceneMoveEvent, QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent, QGraphicsSceneHoverEvent, QGraphicsSceneHelpEvent, QGraphicsSceneDragDropEvent, QGraphicsSceneContextMenuEvent




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Detailed Description#

When a QGraphicsView receives Qt mouse, keyboard, and drag and drop events (QMouseEvent, QKeyEvent, QDragEvent, etc.), it translates them into instances of QGraphicsSceneEvent subclasses and forwards them to the QGraphicsScene it displays. The scene then forwards the events to the relevant items.

For example, when a QGraphicsView receives a QMouseEvent of type MousePress as a response to a user click, the view sends a QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent of type GraphicsSceneMousePress to the underlying QGraphicsScene through its mousePressEvent() function. The default mousePressEvent() implementation determines which item was clicked and forwards the event to mousePressEvent() .

Subclasses such as QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent and QGraphicsSceneContextMenuEvent provide the coordinates from the original QEvent in screen, scene, and item coordinates (see screenPos() , scenePos() , and pos() ). The item coordinates are set by the QGraphicsScene before it forwards the event to the event to a QGraphicsItem . The mouse events also add the possibility to retrieve the coordinates from the last event received by the view (see lastScreenPos() , lastScenePos() , and lastPos() ).

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class PySide6.QtWidgets.QGraphicsSceneEvent(type)#



ts – int

Return type:


Returns the timestamp of the original event, or 0 if the original event does not report a time stamp.

Return type:


Returns the widget where the event originated, or None if the event originates from another application.