Qt Quick Examples - Positioners#

This is a collection of QML Positioner examples.


Positioners is a collection of small QML examples relating to positioners. Each example is a small QML file emphasizing a particular type or feature. For more information, visit Important Concepts In Qt Quick - Positioning .

Running the Example#

To run the example from Qt Creator , open the Welcome mode and select the example from Examples. For more information, visit Building and Running an Example.


Transitions shows animated transitions when showing or hiding items in a positioner. It consists of a scene populated with items in a variety of positioners: Column , Row , Grid , and Flow . Each positioner has animations described as Transitions.

move: Transition {
    NumberAnimation { properties: "x,y"; easing.type: Easing.OutBounce }

The move transition specifies how items inside a positioner will animate when they are displaced by the appearance or disappearance of other items.

add: Transition {
    NumberAnimation { properties: "x,y"; easing.type: Easing.OutBounce }

The add transition specifies how items will appear when they are added to a positioner.

populate: Transition {
    NumberAnimation { properties: "x,y"; from: 200; duration: 100; easing.type: Easing.OutBounce }

The populate transition specifies how items will appear when their parent positioner is first created.

Attached Properties#

Attached Properties shows how the Positioner attached property can be used to determine where an item is within a positioner.

Rectangle {
    id: green
    color: "#80c342"
    width: 100 * page.ratio
    height: 100 * page.ratio

    Text {
      anchors.left: parent.right
      anchors.leftMargin: 20
      anchors.verticalCenter: parent.verticalCenter
      text: "Index: " + parent.Positioner.index
          + (parent.Positioner.isFirstItem ? " (First)" : "")
          + (parent.Positioner.isLastItem ? " (Last)" : "")

    // When mouse is clicked, display the values of the positioner
    MouseArea {
        anchors.fill: parent
        onClicked: column.showInfo(green.Positioner)

Example project @ code.qt.io