API Reference

This chapter documents the script APIs which can be used by Squish test scripts. For complete examples that make use of all the main Squish API features, see Tutorials, How to Create Test Scripts, and How to Test Applications - Specifics.

Extension APIs are documented in: QML Extension API (Qt), JavaScript Extension API (Web), and Java Extension API for Custom Widgets (Java).

Convenience Function Parameters

Functions that take an objectOrName argument can be passed a reference to an object or the symbolic or real (multi-property) name of an object. Functions that take an object argument must be passed an object reference, and functions that take an objectName must be passed an object's symbolic or real name. Object references are returned by the Object waitForObject(objectOrName), Object waitForObjectExists(name), Object findObject(objectName) and SequenceOfObjects findAllObjects(objectName) functions.

Convenience Functions

Tester-Created Special FunctionsSpecial functions that testers create to make tests usable by Squish.
Equivalent Script APIDifferences between the supported scripting languages.
Squish APIAdditional functions to the standard features of the supported scripting languages that you need to test GUI applications.
GUI Toolkit-specific APIs
AndroidFunctions available for a particular Squish edition.
Web Object API
Scripting Language-specific Notes
JavaScriptSolutions to issues specific to a particular scripting language.
Other APIs
Behavior Driven TestingAPI specific to behavior-driven tests.
CAN bus supportFunctions for testing Controller Area Network (CAN) messages sent and received by a device running an application.
FMI Interface supportFunctions for importing and executing Functional Mockup Units (FMUs).