The Visual Studio Coco Wizard

The Visual Studio® Coco Wizard is an application to edit the CoverageScanner options for C/C++ and C# projects on Microsoft® Visual Studio® and related systems.

The add-in reads Solution Files (*.sln) and Project Files(*.proj and *.vcxproject) and modifies them.

These files are used by Microsoft® Visual Studio®, Microsoft® MSBuild, .NET Core, Visual Studio Code and other software.

How it works

From Microsoft® Visual Studio®, the add-in can be started from the menu entry "ToolsCoco Wizard...". It is then automatically configured to edit the Solution file of the currently active project.

The add-in can also be started on its own from the Microsoft® Windows start menu, under "Squish CocoVisual Studio Build Mode Configuration". It then requires as a first step the selection of the Solution or Project file that should be modified.

The dialog steps of the Coco Wizard

The Visual Studio® Coco Wizard has the following dialog steps:

  1. File selection. In this step, the user can select a Solution or Project File to edit – either from the file system or from a list of files that were used earlier.

    This step does not occur when the add-in is started from Microsoft® Visual Studio®.

  2. Modification / Copying. Here one can choose whether an existing build mode is edited or it is copied with a new name.

    It is useful to have separate build modes for build with and without coverage. Therefore, at the beginning, one should copy an existing build mode and add coverage flags to it.

  3. Creation / Editing / Removal. Here one can choose whether a new build mode should be created, an existing mode edited, or a build mode removed.

    In general, it is recommended to create a separate build mode for coverage. The build mode can be copied from a debug build mode or a release mode, depending only on the requirements of the project.

  4. Selecting the options. This is a two-column display with CoverageScanner options (see CScanner Command Line Arguments).

    The list at the left side contains all possible options, that on the right, the options that are activated for the build mode. The options can be dragged from the left to the right side to activate them or dragged to the right to deactivate them.

    If an option requires a parameter, a dialog window to set it appears when it is dragged from the right. To change the parameter of an option at the right column, double-click on it.

    Note that the order of the options matters. They can be rearranged with drag and drop.

  5. Summary. In this step, the actual list of selected options is shown.

    If Microsoft® Visual Studio® is running at this time, it will reload the .sln file and the project can be recompiled.

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