How to set up F1 help?

  1. Select Tools > Options > Environment > Keyboard.
  2. In the Show commands containing field, enter Help.F1QtHelp.
  3. Select the Press shortcut keys field and press your preferred keys to add them to the field. The default shortcut is Alt+F1.
  4. Select Assign, and then select OK.

Why is code completion not working?

You might be referencing objects from a .ui file. The Visual Studio code model parser only parses C++ sources, and therefore widgets or objects defined in .ui files will not be accessible.

As a workaround, Qt VS Tools automatically generate C++ code from the .ui file by saving the file and running uic on it each time the project is built.

If code completion does not work, try to rebuild the project. You might have to wait some time before code completion fully works after updating a .ui file.

If rebuilding does not help, refresh the code model by selecting Rescan Solution in the context menu of the project.

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