QtApplicationManager QML module

The QtApplicationManager QML module contains the components and types available to both System UI and applications.

Singleton QML types need not be declared, they are referenced by their type name.

Instantiable QML types are declared with their name followed by curly braces. These declarations may be nested, creating parent-child relationships between the items.

QML Singletons


Singleton that provides functions to create Intent requests


A tool for startup performance analysis

Instantiatable QML Types


Provides information on the CPU status


Provides frame-rate information about a given window


Provides information on the GPU status


Provides information on the status of I/O devices


Provides information on the status of the RAM


A model that can fetch data from various sources and keep a history of their values


An abstraction layer to enable QML applications to issue notifications to the System UI

Non-Instantiable QML Types


Each instance represents an outgoing or incoming intent request

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