Qt Interface Framework Core QML Types

The Qt Interface Framework Core QML API provides core functions for in-vehicle infotainment QML types.

To import the QML types into your application, use the following import statement in your .qml file:

QML Types


Not directly accessible. The QML type provides base QML properties for the feature, like autoDiscovery and isValid


QIfAbstractFeatureListModel is the base class for QtInterfaceFramework Features which should act as a model


Not directly accessible. The QML type provides base QML properties for each QML Vehicle feature like zone and error access


Generic model which can be used to search, browse, filter and sort data


The QML version of QIfConfiguration


Generic model to load its data using the "Paging" aproach


An object representing asynchronous results


Singleton holds enums, which are used by multiple Items of the QtInterfaceFramework module


Central instance that loads the backends and provides ServiceObjects


The base class of a row in the PagingModel and derived models

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