Qt Interface Framework Generator

Qt Interface Framework provides a way for you to describe interfaces using its own Interface Definition Language (IDL) and then generate Qt/QML API code based on this definition. This generator is based on the QFace library, that provides a generic auto-generation framework.

Known Limitations

Currently, Qt Interface Framework generator has the following limitations:

  • There's no support for external C++ types, outside of the IDL, such as reusing a QGeoCoordinate inside a QFace IDL.
  • Defined Interfaces can't be used as types in properties or function arguments.
  • The map<> type is not supported.
  • Any default values provided directly in the QFace file are currently ignored.

Note: There is no compatibility guarantee for the autogenerated code. This means that even application code that uses the autogenerated code is only guaranteed to work with the Qt Interface Framework version it was developed against. We try to keep the API source compatible for as long as possible.

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