Provides support for generating CMake packages from dynamic, static and header library products. More...

Since: Qbs 2.3


Detailed Description

The Exporter.cmake module contains the properties and rules to create a CMake config files from the Export item of a Product.

For instance, suppose you are creating a library. To allow exporting to CMake, you would write something like the following:

DynamicLibrary {
    name: "mylibrary"
    qbs.installPrefix: "/opt/mylibrary"
    Depends { name: "Exporter.cmake" }
    Exporter.cmake.packageName: "MyLibrary"
    property string headersInstallDir: "include"
    // ...
    Group {
        name: "API headers"
        files: ["mylib.h"]
        qbs.install: true
        qbs.installDir: headersInstallDir
    Group {
        fileTagsFilter: ["Exporter.cmake.package"]
        qbs.installDir: "lib/cmake/MyLibrary"
    Export {
        Depends { name: "cpp" }
        cpp.includePaths: FileInfo.joinPaths(

To build against this library, from within your CMake project, you simply use find_package:

find_package(MyLibrary PATHS REQUIRED)
add_executable(Consumer main.cpp)
target_link_libraries(Consumer MyLibrary)

Relevant File Tags

"Exporter.cmake.package"2.3.0This tag is attached to all generated module files.
"Exporter.cmake.configFile"2.3.0This tag is attached to the generated config file.
"Exporter.cmake.versionFile"2.3.0This tag is attached to the generated version file.

Property Documentation

configFileName : string

The name of the generated config file.

Default: packageName + "Config.cmake"

packageName : string

The name of the CMake package.

Default: Product.targetName

versionFileName : string

The name of the generated version file.

Default: packageName + "ConfigVersion.cmake"

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