Provides support for FlatBuffers for the C language. More...

Since: Qbs 2.4


Detailed Description

The flatbuf.c module provides support for generating C headers and sources from flatbuffers definition files using the flatcc tool.

Relevant File Tags

TagAuto-tagged File NamesSinceDescription
"flatbuffers.input"*.fbs2.4.0Source files with this tag are considered inputs to the flatcc compiler.


This module depends on the flatcc module which can be created via the Conan module provider.

Property Documentation

compilerName : string

The name of the flatcc binary.

Default: "flatcc"

compilerPath : string

The path to the flatcc binary.

Use this property to override the auto-detected location.

Default: auto-detected

importPaths : pathList

The list of import paths that are passed to the flatcc tool via the -I option.

Default: []

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