Allows to configure the pkg-config tool. More...

Since: Qt 1.13


Detailed Description

The pkgconfig module is used to fine-tune the behavior of the pkg-config tool, which is potentially employed when looking up dependencies.

Property Documentation

executableFilePath : string

The path to the pkg-config executable.

Default: auto-detected

libDirs : stringList

Set this if you need to overwrite the default search directories. The values given here will be forwarded to the tool via the PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR environment variable.

Note: You do not need to set this for cross-compilation in order to point pkg-config to the sysroot. Qbs does that for you.

Default: Undefined

staticMode : bool

If this property is true, then calls to pkg-config will include the --static option. Set this if your product is to be linked statically.

Default: false

sysroot : path

This property controls the value of the PkgConfigProbe.sysroot property.

Set this property if you need to overwrite the default search sysroot path used by pkg-config.

This can be useful if pkg-config files are located in the directory other than qbs.sysroot. This is the case on macOS platform - all XCode profiles are sysrooted to the SDK directory, but pkg-config is typically intalled using Brew and resides in the /usr/local directory.

Setting this property to undefined or empty ("") value will use pkg-config's default search paths:

qbs build modules.pkgconfig.sysroot:undefined

Default: "" on macOS, qbs.sysroot on other platforms

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