Provides Qt support for the Android platform. More...


Detailed Description

The Qt.android_support module provides the glue for Qbs' Qt and Android support. It is automatically pulled in by Qt.core, so you do not need to add an explicit dependency to it in your product, unless you want to set one of its properties.

Property Documentation

deploymentDependencies : stringList

Use this property to completely override the Qt deployment dependencies of your app. Corresponds to qmake's ANDROID_DEPLOYMENT_DEPENDENCIES.

Default: undefined

extraLibs : stringList

Additional libs to be packaged and loaded on start-up (mind the order). Corresponds to qmake's ANDROID_EXTRA_LIBS.

Default: undefined

extraPlugins : stringList

Additional non-asset files to be packaged. Corresponds to qmake's ANDROID_EXTRA_PLUGINS.

Default: undefined

[since 1.22] qmlImportPaths : stringList

Additional directories to search for QML imports.

Default: undefined

This property was introduced in Qt 1.22.

qmlRootDir : string

The root directory of the product's QML files. This information is passed to the androiddeployqt tool, which will use it to decide which resources to include in the APK file.

Default: product.sourceDirectory

verboseAndroidDeployQt : bool

Enable this property if you want verbose output from the androiddeployqt tool.

Default: false

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