Allows to fine-tune which Qt plugins get pulled in. More...

Since: Qbs 1.13.0


Detailed Description

The Qt.plugin_support module provides properties that allow users to control which Qt plugins to pull into a product. This is mostly relevant if Qt was built statically, in which case the respective plugins are static libraries that get linked into your application or library.

Property Documentation

[read-only] allPluginsByType : var

Provides the complete set of plugins in a statically built Qt. The value is a map. The keys are the plugin types, and the values are lists of plugin names.

[read-only] defaultPluginsByType : var

Provides the set of plugins that your application or library will link to if you do not set pluginsByType. The value is a map. The keys are the plugin types, and the values are lists of plugin names. The value depends on the Qt modules your product pulls in.

linkPlugins : bool

Controls whether plugins of a statically built Qt should be linked into the product.

Default: true if the product is an application or shared library, false otherwise.

pluginsByType : varList

Set this property if you want to override the set of plugins for a certain plugin type. For instance, to disable all image plugins except the JPEG one:

Qt.plugin_support.pluginsByType: ({imageformats: "qjpeg"})

For plugin types that are not specifically overridden like this, the value in defaultPluginsByType is used.

Default: Undefined

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