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Detailed Description

The Qt.scxml module provides support for the Qt SCXML module, which enables creating state machines from SCXML files.

Relevant File Tags

TagAuto-tagged File NamesSinceDescription
"qt.scxml.compilable"-1.7Source files with this tag serve as inputs to the rule running the Qt SCXML compiler, which will create a C++ class representing a state machine.

Property Documentation

className : string

The class name of the generated state machine.

By default, the compiler will use the name attribute of the input file's <scxml> tag.

Default: Undefined

[since 1.11] generateStateMethods : string

If this property is true, the Qt SCXML compiler will generate read and notify methods for states.

Default: false

This property was introduced in Qt 1.11.

namespace : string

The C++ namespace in which to put the generated class.

By default, the compiler will place the class in the global namespace.

Default: Undefined

qscxmlcName : string

The base name of the Qt SCXML compiler.

Set this value if your system uses a name different from the default value.

Default: "qscxmlc"

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