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Detailed Description

Provides support for the AddressSanitizer tool, which uses compiler instrumentation to detect memory corruption bugs at runtime.

Property Documentation

detectUseAfterReturn : string

Controls whether support for detecting problems with stack use after returning from a function should be built into the application.

The possible values are:

  • "always": Check for this type of problem unconditionally.
  • "runtime": Build with this capability, but only do the respective checks if they are explicitly requested at runtime.
  • "never": Do not build with support for this check.

Note: Only the clang compiler (starting at 13.0) supports the full set of values. With GCC and MSVC, "runtime" maps to "always".

Default: "always"

detectUseAfterScope : bool

Controls whether to detect bugs relating the use of variables after they've gone out of scope.

Note: This property has no effect when building with with GCC and MSVC.

Default: true

enabled : bool

Controls whether to enable AddressSanitizer.

Note: You do not need to check if the current toolchain supports AddressSanitizer: If Qbs detects that it doesn't, this property has no effect.

Default: true

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