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Since: Qbs 1.3


Detailed Description

The typescript module contains properties and rules for building TypeScript applications and may be used in combination with the nodejs module to run the applications directly from Qbs.

Property Documentation

compilerFlags : stringList

A list of additional flags for the TypeScript compiler.

Default: Undefined

compilerName : string

The name of the compiler binary.

This property should not normally need to be changed.

Default: "tsc"

compilerPath : string

The directory where the compiler binary is located.

This property should not normally need to be changed.

Default: compilerName

generateDeclarations : bool

Whether to generate the corresponding .d.ts files during compilation. These are TypeScript's equivalent of header files.

Default: false

generateSourceMaps : bool

Whether to generate the corresponding .map files during compilation.

Default: qbs.debugInformation

moduleLoader : string

If TypeScript modules are being used, the JavaScript module loading mechanism to use in the generated JavaScript code.

If left undefined, modules are not used.

See Compiler Options for a list of possible values.

Default: Undefined

singleFile : bool

Whether to compile all TypeScript source files to a single JavaScript output file.

The default is to compile each TypeScript file to a corresponding JavaScript file. This property is incompatible with moduleLoader.

Default: false

stripComments : bool

Whether to remove comments from the generated JavaScript files.

Default: !qbs.debugInformation

targetVersion : string

The ECMAScript target version for generated JavaScript code.

If left undefined, the TypeScript compiler default is used.

Default: Undefined

toolchainInstallPath : path

The TypeScript installation directory.

This property should not normally need to be changed if tsc is available by searching the PATH environment variable.

Default: Undefined

version : string

The TypeScript version.

Consists of four numbers separated by dots. For example, "".

Default: Undefined

versionBuild : int

The fourth TypeScript version number component.

Default: versionParts[3]

versionMajor : int

The TypeScript major version.

Default: versionParts[0]

versionMinor : int

The TypeScript minor version.

Default: versionParts[1]

versionParts : list

The TypeScript version as a list.

For example, TypeScript version 1.0 would correspond to a value of [1, 0, 0, 0].

Default: []

versionPatch : int

The TypeScript patch level.

Default: versionParts[2]

warningLevel : string

The severity of warnings to emit. The higher the level, the more warnings will be shown.

pedantic causes the TypeScript to emit warnings on expressions and declarations with an implied any type.

Default: "normal"

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