QAbstractAudioDeviceInfo Class

The QAbstractAudioDeviceInfo class is a base class for audio backends. More...

Header: #include <QAbstractAudioDeviceInfo>
qmake: QT += multimedia
Inherits: QObject

Public Functions

virtual QString deviceName() const = 0
virtual bool isFormatSupported(const QAudioFormat &format) const = 0
virtual QAudioFormat preferredFormat() const = 0
virtual QList<QAudioFormat::Endian> supportedByteOrders() = 0
virtual QList<int> supportedChannelCounts() = 0
virtual QStringList supportedCodecs() = 0
virtual QList<int> supportedSampleRates() = 0
virtual QList<int> supportedSampleSizes() = 0
virtual QList<QAudioFormat::SampleType> supportedSampleTypes() = 0

Detailed Description

This class implements the audio functionality for QAudioDeviceInfo, i.e., QAudioDeviceInfo keeps a QAbstractAudioDeviceInfo and routes function calls to it. For a description of the functionality that QAbstractAudioDeviceInfo implements, you can read the class and functions documentation of QAudioDeviceInfo.

See also QAudioDeviceInfo, QAbstractAudioOutput, and QAbstractAudioInput.

Member Function Documentation

[pure virtual] QString QAbstractAudioDeviceInfo::deviceName() const

Returns the audio device name.

[pure virtual] bool QAbstractAudioDeviceInfo::isFormatSupported(const QAudioFormat &format) const

Returns true if format is available from audio device.

[pure virtual] QAudioFormat QAbstractAudioDeviceInfo::preferredFormat() const

Returns the recommended settings to use.

[pure virtual] QList<QAudioFormat::Endian> QAbstractAudioDeviceInfo::supportedByteOrders()

Returns the list of currently available byte orders.

[pure virtual] QList<int> QAbstractAudioDeviceInfo::supportedChannelCounts()

Returns the list of currently available channels.

[pure virtual] QStringList QAbstractAudioDeviceInfo::supportedCodecs()

Returns the list of currently available codecs.

[pure virtual] QList<int> QAbstractAudioDeviceInfo::supportedSampleRates()

Returns the list of currently available sample rates.

[pure virtual] QList<int> QAbstractAudioDeviceInfo::supportedSampleSizes()

Returns the list of currently available sample sizes.

[pure virtual] QList<QAudioFormat::SampleType> QAbstractAudioDeviceInfo::supportedSampleTypes()

Returns the list of currently available sample types.

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