QAndroidActivityResultReceiver Class

Interface used for callbacks from onActivityResult() in the main Android activity. More...

Header: #include <QAndroidActivityResultReceiver>
qmake: QT += androidextras
Since: Qt 5.3

This class was introduced in Qt 5.3.

Public Functions

virtual void handleActivityResult(int receiverRequestCode, int resultCode, const QAndroidJniObject &data) = 0

Detailed Description

Create a subclass of this class to be notified of the results when using the QtAndroid::startActivity() and QtAndroid::startIntentSender() APIs.

Member Function Documentation

[pure virtual] void QAndroidActivityResultReceiver::handleActivityResult(int receiverRequestCode, int resultCode, const QAndroidJniObject &data)

Reimplement this function to get activity results after starting an activity using either QtAndroid::startActivity() or QtAndroid::startIntentSender(). The receiverRequestCode is the request code unique to this receiver which was originally passed to the startActivity() or startIntentSender() functions. The resultCode is the result returned by the activity, and data is either null or a Java object of the class android.content.Intent. Both the last to arguments are identical to the arguments passed to onActivityResult().

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