QBarDataItem Class

The QBarDataItem class provides a container for resolved data to be added to bar graphs. More...

Header: #include <QBarDataItem>
qmake: QT += datavisualization
Since: QtDataVisualization 1.0

This class was introduced in QtDataVisualization 1.0.

Public Functions

QBarDataItem(const QBarDataItem &other)
QBarDataItem(float value, float angle)
QBarDataItem(float value)
QBarDataItem &operator=(const QBarDataItem &other)
float rotation() const
void setRotation(float angle)
void setValue(float val)
float value() const

Detailed Description

A bar data item holds the data for a single rendered bar in a graph. Bar data proxies parse data into QBarDataItem instances for visualization.

See also QBarDataProxy and Qt Data Visualization C++ Classes.

Member Function Documentation

QBarDataItem::QBarDataItem(const QBarDataItem &other)

Constructs a copy of other.

QBarDataItem::QBarDataItem(float value, float angle)

Constructs a bar data item with the value value and angle angle.

QBarDataItem::QBarDataItem(float value)

Constructs a bar data item with the value value.


Constructs a bar data item.

QBarDataItem &QBarDataItem::operator=(const QBarDataItem &other)

Assigns a copy of other to this object.


Deletes a bar data item.

float QBarDataItem::rotation() const

Returns the rotation angle in degrees for this data item.

See also setRotation().

void QBarDataItem::setRotation(float angle)

Sets the rotation angle angle in degrees for this data item.

See also rotation().

void QBarDataItem::setValue(float val)

Sets the value val to this data item.

See also value().

float QBarDataItem::value() const

Returns the value of this data item.

See also setValue().

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