QBluetoothTransferReply Class

The QBluetoothTransferReply class stores the response for a data transfer request. More...

Header: #include <QBluetoothTransferReply>
qmake: QT += bluetooth
Since: Qt 5.2
Inherits: QObject

This class was introduced in Qt 5.2.

Public Types

enum TransferError { NoError, UnknownError, FileNotFoundError, HostNotFoundError, UserCanceledTransferError, …, SessionError }

Public Functions

virtual ~QBluetoothTransferReply()
virtual QBluetoothTransferReply::TransferError error() const = 0
virtual QString errorString() const = 0
virtual bool isFinished() const = 0
virtual bool isRunning() const = 0
QBluetoothTransferManager *manager() const
QBluetoothTransferRequest request() const

Public Slots

void abort()


void error(QBluetoothTransferReply::TransferError errorType)
void finished(QBluetoothTransferReply *reply)
void transferProgress(qint64 bytesTransferred, qint64 bytesTotal)

Protected Functions

QBluetoothTransferReply(QObject *parent = nullptr)
void setManager(QBluetoothTransferManager *manager)
void setRequest(const QBluetoothTransferRequest &request)

Detailed Description

In additional to a copy of the QBluetoothTransferRequest object used to create the request, QBluetoothTransferReply contains the contents of the reply itself.

After the file transfer has started, QBluetoothTransferReply emits the transferProgress() signal, which indicates the progress of the file transfer.

Member Type Documentation

enum QBluetoothTransferReply::TransferError

This enum describes the type of error that occurred

QBluetoothTransferReply::NoError0No error.
QBluetoothTransferReply::UnknownError1Unknown error, no better enum available.
QBluetoothTransferReply::FileNotFoundError2Unable to open the file specified.
QBluetoothTransferReply::HostNotFoundError3Unable to connect to the target host.
QBluetoothTransferReply::UserCanceledTransferError4User terminated the transfer.
QBluetoothTransferReply::IODeviceNotReadableError5File was not open before initiating the sending command.
QBluetoothTransferReply::ResourceBusyError6Unable to access the resource..
QBluetoothTransferReply::SessionError7An error occurred during the handling of the session. This enum was introduced by Qt 5.4.

Member Function Documentation

[protected] QBluetoothTransferReply::QBluetoothTransferReply(QObject *parent = nullptr)

Constructs a new QBluetoothTransferReply with parent.

[slot] void QBluetoothTransferReply::abort()

Aborts this reply.

[signal] void QBluetoothTransferReply::error(QBluetoothTransferReply::TransferError errorType)

This signal is emitted whenever an error has occurred. The errorType parameter indicates the type of error.

To avoid the loss of signal emissions it is recommend to immidiately connect to this signal once a QBluetoothTransferReply instance has been created.

Note: Signal error is overloaded in this class. To connect to this signal by using the function pointer syntax, Qt provides a convenient helper for obtaining the function pointer as shown in this example:

connect(bluetoothTransferReply, QOverload<QBluetoothTransferReply::TransferError>::of(&QBluetoothTransferReply::error),
    [=](QBluetoothTransferReply::TransferError errorType){ /* ... */ });

This function was introduced in Qt 5.4.

See also error() and errorString().

[signal] void QBluetoothTransferReply::finished(QBluetoothTransferReply *reply)

This signal is emitted when the transfer is complete for reply.

To avoid the loss of signal emissions it is recommend to immidiately connect to this signal once a QBluetoothTransferReply instance has been created.

[signal] void QBluetoothTransferReply::transferProgress(qint64 bytesTransferred, qint64 bytesTotal)

This signal is emitted whenever data is transferred. The bytesTransferred parameter contains the total number of bytes transferred so far out of bytesTotal.

To avoid the loss of signal emissions it is recommend to immidiately connect to this signal once a QBluetoothTransferReply instance has been created.

[virtual] QBluetoothTransferReply::~QBluetoothTransferReply()

Destroys the QBluetoothTransferReply object.

[pure virtual] QBluetoothTransferReply::TransferError QBluetoothTransferReply::error() const

The error code of the error that occurred.

See also errorString().

[pure virtual] QString QBluetoothTransferReply::errorString() const

String describing the error. Can be displayed to the user.

See also error().

[pure virtual] bool QBluetoothTransferReply::isFinished() const

Returns true if this reply has finished, otherwise false.

[pure virtual] bool QBluetoothTransferReply::isRunning() const

Returns true if this reply is running, otherwise false.

QBluetoothTransferManager *QBluetoothTransferReply::manager() const

Returns the QBluetoothTransferManager that was used to create this QBluetoothTransferReply object. Initially, it is also the parent object.

See also setManager().

QBluetoothTransferRequest QBluetoothTransferReply::request() const

Returns the QBluetoothTransferRequest that was used to create this QBluetoothTransferReply object.

See also setRequest().

[protected] void QBluetoothTransferReply::setManager(QBluetoothTransferManager *manager)

Set the reply's manager to the manager.

See also manager().

[protected] void QBluetoothTransferReply::setRequest(const QBluetoothTransferRequest &request)

Set the reply's request to request.

See also request().

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