QCameraFocusControl Class

The QCameraFocusControl class supplies control for focusing related camera parameters. More...

Header: #include <QCameraFocusControl>
qmake: QT += multimedia
Inherits: QMediaControl

This class is obsolete. It is provided to keep old source code working. We strongly advise against using it in new code.

Public Functions

virtual ~QCameraFocusControl()
virtual QPointF customFocusPoint() const = 0
virtual QCameraFocus::FocusModes focusMode() const = 0
virtual QCameraFocus::FocusPointMode focusPointMode() const = 0
virtual QCameraFocusZoneList focusZones() const = 0
virtual bool isFocusModeSupported(QCameraFocus::FocusModes mode) const = 0
virtual bool isFocusPointModeSupported(QCameraFocus::FocusPointMode mode) const = 0
virtual void setCustomFocusPoint(const QPointF &point) = 0
virtual void setFocusMode(QCameraFocus::FocusModes mode) = 0
virtual void setFocusPointMode(QCameraFocus::FocusPointMode mode) = 0


void customFocusPointChanged(const QPointF &point)
void focusModeChanged(QCameraFocus::FocusModes mode)
void focusPointModeChanged(QCameraFocus::FocusPointMode mode)
void focusZonesChanged()

Protected Functions

QCameraFocusControl(QObject *parent = nullptr)


Detailed Description

The interface name of QCameraFocusControl is org.qt-project.qt.camerafocuscontrol/5.0 as defined in QCameraFocusControl_iid.

See also QMediaService::requestControl() and QCamera.

Member Function Documentation

[protected] QCameraFocusControl::QCameraFocusControl(QObject *parent = nullptr)

Constructs a camera control object with parent.

[signal] void QCameraFocusControl::customFocusPointChanged(const QPointF &point)

Signal is emitted when the custom focus point is changed.

See also QCameraFocusControl::customFocusPoint() and QCameraFocusControl::setCustomFocusPoint().

[signal] void QCameraFocusControl::focusModeChanged(QCameraFocus::FocusModes mode)

Signal is emitted when the focus mode is changed, usually in result of QCameraFocusControl::setFocusMode call or capture mode changes.

See also QCameraFocusControl::focusMode() and QCameraFocusControl::setFocusMode().

[signal] void QCameraFocusControl::focusPointModeChanged(QCameraFocus::FocusPointMode mode)

Signal is emitted when the focus point mode is changed, usually in result of QCameraFocusControl::setFocusPointMode call or capture mode changes.

See also QCameraFocusControl::focusPointMode() and QCameraFocusControl::setFocusPointMode().

[signal] void QCameraFocusControl::focusZonesChanged()

Signal is emitted when the set of zones, camera focused on is changed.

Usually the zones list is changed when the camera is focused.

See also QCameraFocusControl::focusZones().

[virtual] QCameraFocusControl::~QCameraFocusControl()

Destruct the camera control object.

[pure virtual] QPointF QCameraFocusControl::customFocusPoint() const

Return the position of custom focus point, in relative frame coordinates: QPointF(0,0) points to the left top frame point, QPointF(0.5,0.5) points to the frame center.

Custom focus point is used only in FocusPointCustom focus mode.

See also setCustomFocusPoint().

[pure virtual] QCameraFocus::FocusModes QCameraFocusControl::focusMode() const

Returns the focus mode being used.

See also setFocusMode().

[pure virtual] QCameraFocus::FocusPointMode QCameraFocusControl::focusPointMode() const

Returns the camera focus point selection mode.

See also setFocusPointMode().

[pure virtual] QCameraFocusZoneList QCameraFocusControl::focusZones() const

Returns the list of zones, the camera is using for focusing or focused on.

[pure virtual] bool QCameraFocusControl::isFocusModeSupported(QCameraFocus::FocusModes mode) const

Returns true if focus mode is supported.

[pure virtual] bool QCameraFocusControl::isFocusPointModeSupported(QCameraFocus::FocusPointMode mode) const

Returns true if the camera focus point mode is supported.

[pure virtual] void QCameraFocusControl::setCustomFocusPoint(const QPointF &point)

Sets the custom focus point.

If camera supports fixed set of focus points, it should use the nearest supported focus point, and return the actual focus point with QCameraFocusControl::focusZones().

See also QCameraFocusControl::customFocusPoint() and QCameraFocusControl::focusZones().

[pure virtual] void QCameraFocusControl::setFocusMode(QCameraFocus::FocusModes mode)

Set the focus mode to mode.

See also focusMode().

[pure virtual] void QCameraFocusControl::setFocusPointMode(QCameraFocus::FocusPointMode mode)

Sets the camera focus point selection mode.

See also focusPointMode().

Macro Documentation



Defines the interface name of the QCameraFocusControl class.

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