QGamepadManager Class

Queries attached gamepads and related events. More...

Header: #include <QGamepadManager>
qmake: QT += gamepad
Instantiated By: GamepadManager
Inherits: QObject

Public Types

Public Functions

const QList<int> connectedGamepads() const
QString gamepadName(int deviceId) const
bool isGamepadConnected(int deviceId) const

Public Slots

bool configureAxis(int deviceId, QGamepadManager::GamepadAxis axis)
bool configureButton(int deviceId, QGamepadManager::GamepadButton button)
bool isConfigurationNeeded(int deviceId) const
void resetConfiguration(int deviceId)
bool setCancelConfigureButton(int deviceId, QGamepadManager::GamepadButton button)
void setSettingsFile(const QString &file)


Static Public Members

QGamepadManager *instance()

Detailed Description

QGamepadManager provides a high-level interface for querying the attached gamepads and events related to all of the connected devices.

Member Function Documentation

[slot] bool QGamepadManager::configureAxis(int deviceId, QGamepadManager::GamepadAxis axis)

Configures axis on the gamepad with the specified deviceId. Returns true in case of success.

[slot] bool QGamepadManager::configureButton(int deviceId, QGamepadManager::GamepadButton button)

Configures the specified button on the gamepad with this deviceId. Returns true in case of success.

[slot] bool QGamepadManager::isConfigurationNeeded(int deviceId) const

Returns a boolean indicating whether configuration is needed for the specified deviceId.

[slot] void QGamepadManager::resetConfiguration(int deviceId)

Resets the configuration on the gamepad with the specified deviceId.

[slot] bool QGamepadManager::setCancelConfigureButton(int deviceId, QGamepadManager::GamepadButton button)

Configures button as the cancel button on the gamepad with id deviceId. Returns true in case of success.

[slot] void QGamepadManager::setSettingsFile(const QString &file)

Sets the name of the file that stores the button and axis configuration data.

const QList<int> QGamepadManager::connectedGamepads() const

Returns a list of integers containing the deviceId values of the connected gamepads.

Note: Getter function for property connectedGamepads.

QString QGamepadManager::gamepadName(int deviceId) const

Returns the name of the gamepad identified by deviceId. If deviceId does not identify a connected gamepad, returns an empty string.

This function was introduced in Qt 5.11.

[static] QGamepadManager *QGamepadManager::instance()

Returns the instance of the QGamepadManager.

bool QGamepadManager::isGamepadConnected(int deviceId) const

Returns a boolean indicating whether the gamepad with the specified deviceId is connected or not.

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