QKnxErrorClassSystem Class

The QKnxErrorClassSystem class is a datapoint type for storing system errors. More...

Header: #include <QKnxErrorClassSystem>
qmake: QT += knx
Inherits: QKnx1Byte

Public Types

enum class Error { NoFault, GeneralDeviceFault, CommunicationFault, ConfigurationFault, HardwareFault, …, Invalid }

Public Functions

QKnxErrorClassSystem(QKnxErrorClassSystem::Error error)
QKnxErrorClassSystem::Error error() const
bool setError(QKnxErrorClassSystem::Error error)

Detailed Description

This datapoint type stores fault signals transmitted in the application area QKnxApplicationArea::SystemFunctionCommonInterest.

The range for the Error value is from No fault, 0 to Group object type exceeds, 18.

This is a fixed size datapoint type with the length of 1 byte.

See also QKnxDatapointType, QKnx1Byte, QKnxApplicationArea, and Qt KNX Datapoint Type Classes.

Member Type Documentation

enum class QKnxErrorClassSystem::Error

This enum holds the system error stored in the datapoint type.

QKnxErrorClassSystem::Error::NoFault0x00No fault signals were transmitted.
QKnxErrorClassSystem::Error::GeneralDeviceFault0x01An error occurred in the RAM, EEPROM, UI, watchdog, and so on.
QKnxErrorClassSystem::Error::CommunicationFault0x02A communication error occurred. For example, a failure in a formerly present communication partner or a timeout in the system clock signal (heartbeat).
QKnxErrorClassSystem::Error::ConfigurationFault0x03A configuration error was detected. For example, two devices with the same individual address were detected or multiple system clocks were set as the master clock.
QKnxErrorClassSystem::Error::HardwareFault0x04A hardware error occurred.
QKnxErrorClassSystem::Error::SoftwareFault0x05A software error occurred.
QKnxErrorClassSystem::Error::InsufficientNonVolatileMemory0x06Not enough non-volatile memory
QKnxErrorClassSystem::Error::InsufficientVolatileMemory0x07Not enough volatile memory
QKnxErrorClassSystem::Error::MemoryAllocationCommandWithSize0Received0x08A memory allocation command with the size 0 was received.
QKnxErrorClassSystem::Error::CrcError0x09A CRC error occurred.
QKnxErrorClassSystem::Error::WatchdogResetDetected0x0aA watchdog reset was detected.
QKnxErrorClassSystem::Error::InvalidOpCodeDetected0x0bAn invalid OP code was detected.
QKnxErrorClassSystem::Error::GeneralProtectionFault0x0cA general protection error was detected.
QKnxErrorClassSystem::Error::MaximalTableLengthExceeded0x0dThe maximum table length was exceeded.
QKnxErrorClassSystem::Error::UndefinedLoadCommandReceived0x0eAn undefined load command was received.
QKnxErrorClassSystem::Error::GroupAddressTableIsNotSorted0x0fThe group address table is not sorted.
QKnxErrorClassSystem::Error::InvalidConnectionNumberTsap0x10The connection number TSAP is invalid.
QKnxErrorClassSystem::Error::InvalidGroupObjectNumberAsap0x11The connection number ASAP is invalid.
QKnxErrorClassSystem::Error::GroupObjectTypeExceeds0x12The group object type exceeds PID_MAX_APDU_LENGTH H - 2.
QKnxErrorClassSystem::Error::Invalid0xffThe value is invalid.

Member Function Documentation

QKnxErrorClassSystem::QKnxErrorClassSystem(QKnxErrorClassSystem::Error error)

Creates a fixed size datapoint type with the system error set to error.


Creates a fixed size datapoint type with the system error set to NoFault.

QKnxErrorClassSystem::Error QKnxErrorClassSystem::error() const

Returns the system error stored in the datapoint type.

See also setError().

bool QKnxErrorClassSystem::setError(QKnxErrorClassSystem::Error error)

Sets the system error stored in the datapoint type to error.

Returns true if the byte was set; otherwise returns false.

See also error().

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