QKnxStatusMode3 Class

The QKnxStatusMode3 class is a datapoint type for a status mode 3. More...

Header: #include <QKnxStatusMode3>
qmake: QT += knx
Inherits: QKnxFixedSizeDatapointType

Public Types

enum class Mode { Zero, One, Two, Unknown }
enum Status { A, B, C, D, E }
flags StatusFlags

Public Functions

QKnxStatusMode3(QKnxStatusMode3::Mode mode, QKnxStatusMode3::StatusFlags statusFlags)
bool isSet(QKnxStatusMode3::Status status) const
QKnxStatusMode3::Mode mode() const
bool removeStatus(QKnxStatusMode3::Status status)
bool setMode(QKnxStatusMode3::Mode mode)
bool setStatus(QKnxStatusMode3::Status status)
bool setStatusFlags(QKnxStatusMode3::StatusFlags statusFlags)
QKnxStatusMode3::StatusFlags statusFlags() const

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual bool isValid() const override

Detailed Description

This datapoint type holds information about which status flags (from A to E) are set and which mode (from Zero to 2) is active. Valid values are from All set and Mode 0 to All cleared and Mode 2.

This is a fixed size datapoint type with the length of 1 byte.

See also QKnxDatapointType and Qt KNX Datapoint Type Classes.

Member Type Documentation

enum class QKnxStatusMode3::Mode

This enum holds information about which mode is active.

QKnxStatusMode3::Mode::Zero0x01Mode 0 is active.
QKnxStatusMode3::Mode::One0x02Mode 1 is active.
QKnxStatusMode3::Mode::Two0x04Mode 2 is active.
QKnxStatusMode3::Mode::Unknown0x08It is not possible to determine which mode is active.

enum QKnxStatusMode3::Status
flags QKnxStatusMode3::StatusFlags

This enum indicates whether a status flag is set (0) or cleared (1).

QKnxStatusMode3::A0x01Status value A.
QKnxStatusMode3::B0x02Status value B.
QKnxStatusMode3::C0x04Status value C.
QKnxStatusMode3::D0x08Status value D.
QKnxStatusMode3::E0x0aStatus value E.

The StatusFlags type is a typedef for QFlags<Status>. It stores an OR combination of Status values.

Member Function Documentation

QKnxStatusMode3::QKnxStatusMode3(QKnxStatusMode3::Mode mode, QKnxStatusMode3::StatusFlags statusFlags)

Creates a fixed size datapoint type with the mode set to mode and the status flags set to statusFlags.


Creates a fixed size datapoint type with the mode set to Unknown and the status flags left empty.

bool QKnxStatusMode3::isSet(QKnxStatusMode3::Status status) const

Returns true if the status flag status is set in the status flags.

[override virtual] bool QKnxStatusMode3::isValid() const

Reimplements: QKnxDatapointType::isValid() const.

QKnxStatusMode3::Mode QKnxStatusMode3::mode() const

Returns the mode stored in the datapoint type.

See also setMode().

bool QKnxStatusMode3::removeStatus(QKnxStatusMode3::Status status)

Removes the status status from the status flags.

Returns true if the status was removed; otherwise returns false.

bool QKnxStatusMode3::setMode(QKnxStatusMode3::Mode mode)

Sets the mode stored in the datapoint type to mode.

If the value is outside the allowed range, returns false and does not set the value.

See also mode().

bool QKnxStatusMode3::setStatus(QKnxStatusMode3::Status status)

Sets the status status in the status flags.

Returns true if the status was set; otherwise returns false.

bool QKnxStatusMode3::setStatusFlags(QKnxStatusMode3::StatusFlags statusFlags)

Sets the statusFlags stored in the datapoint type to statusFlags.

Returns true if the value was set; otherwise returns false.

See also statusFlags().

QKnxStatusMode3::StatusFlags QKnxStatusMode3::statusFlags() const

Returns the status flags stored in the datapoint type.

See also setStatusFlags().

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