QLowEnergyCharacteristicData Class

The QLowEnergyCharacteristicData class is used to set up GATT service data. More...

Header: #include <QLowEnergyCharacteristicData>
qmake: QT += bluetooth
Since: Qt 5.7

This class was introduced in Qt 5.7.

Public Functions

QLowEnergyCharacteristicData(const QLowEnergyCharacteristicData &other)
QLowEnergyCharacteristicData &operator=(const QLowEnergyCharacteristicData &other)
void addDescriptor(const QLowEnergyDescriptorData &descriptor)
QList<QLowEnergyDescriptorData> descriptors() const
bool isValid() const
int maximumValueLength() const
int minimumValueLength() const
QLowEnergyCharacteristic::PropertyTypes properties() const
QBluetooth::AttAccessConstraints readConstraints() const
void setDescriptors(const QList<QLowEnergyDescriptorData> &descriptors)
void setProperties(QLowEnergyCharacteristic::PropertyTypes properties)
void setReadConstraints(QBluetooth::AttAccessConstraints constraints)
void setUuid(const QBluetoothUuid &uuid)
void setValue(const QByteArray &value)
void setValueLength(int minimum, int maximum)
void setWriteConstraints(QBluetooth::AttAccessConstraints constraints)
void swap(QLowEnergyCharacteristicData &other)
QBluetoothUuid uuid() const
QByteArray value() const
QBluetooth::AttAccessConstraints writeConstraints() const

Detailed Description

An Object of this class provides a characteristic to be added to a QLowEnergyServiceData object via QLowEnergyServiceData::addCharacteristic().

See also QLowEnergyServiceData and QLowEnergyController::addService.

Member Function Documentation

QLowEnergyCharacteristicData::QLowEnergyCharacteristicData(const QLowEnergyCharacteristicData &other)

Constructs a new object of this class that is a copy of other.


Creates a new invalid object of this class.

QLowEnergyCharacteristicData &QLowEnergyCharacteristicData::operator=(const QLowEnergyCharacteristicData &other)

Makes this object a copy of other and returns the new value of this object.


Destroys this object.

void QLowEnergyCharacteristicData::addDescriptor(const QLowEnergyDescriptorData &descriptor)

Adds descriptor to the list of descriptors of this characteristic, if it is valid.

See also setDescriptors().

QList<QLowEnergyDescriptorData> QLowEnergyCharacteristicData::descriptors() const

Returns the descriptors of this characteristic.

See also setDescriptors().

bool QLowEnergyCharacteristicData::isValid() const

Returns true if and only if this characteristic is valid, that is, it has a non-null UUID.

int QLowEnergyCharacteristicData::maximumValueLength() const

Returns the maximum length in bytes that the value of this characteristic can have. By default, there is no limit beyond the constraints of the data type.

int QLowEnergyCharacteristicData::minimumValueLength() const

Returns the minimum length in bytes that the value of this characteristic can have. The default is zero.

QLowEnergyCharacteristic::PropertyTypes QLowEnergyCharacteristicData::properties() const

Returns the properties of this characteristic.

See also setProperties().

QBluetooth::AttAccessConstraints QLowEnergyCharacteristicData::readConstraints() const

Returns the constraints needed for a client to read the value of this characteristic. If properties() does not include QLowEnergyCharacteristic::Read, this value is irrelevant. By default, there are no read constraints.

See also setReadConstraints().

void QLowEnergyCharacteristicData::setDescriptors(const QList<QLowEnergyDescriptorData> &descriptors)

Sets the descriptors of this characteristic to descriptors. Only valid descriptors are considered.

See also descriptors() and addDescriptor().

void QLowEnergyCharacteristicData::setProperties(QLowEnergyCharacteristic::PropertyTypes properties)

Sets the properties of this characteristic to properties.

See also properties().

void QLowEnergyCharacteristicData::setReadConstraints(QBluetooth::AttAccessConstraints constraints)

Specifies that clients need to fulfill constraints to read the value of this characteristic.

See also readConstraints().

void QLowEnergyCharacteristicData::setUuid(const QBluetoothUuid &uuid)

Sets the UUID of this characteristic to uuid.

See also uuid().

void QLowEnergyCharacteristicData::setValue(const QByteArray &value)

Sets the value of this characteristic to value.

See also value().

void QLowEnergyCharacteristicData::setValueLength(int minimum, int maximum)

Specifies minimum and maximum to be the smallest and largest length, respectively, that the value of this characteristic can have. The unit is bytes. If minimum and maximum are equal, the characteristic has a fixed-length value.

void QLowEnergyCharacteristicData::setWriteConstraints(QBluetooth::AttAccessConstraints constraints)

Specifies that clients need to fulfill constraints to write the value of this characteristic.

See also writeConstraints().

void QLowEnergyCharacteristicData::swap(QLowEnergyCharacteristicData &other)

Swaps this object with other.

QBluetoothUuid QLowEnergyCharacteristicData::uuid() const

Returns the UUID of this characteristic.

See also setUuid().

QByteArray QLowEnergyCharacteristicData::value() const

Returns the value of this characteristic.

See also setValue().

QBluetooth::AttAccessConstraints QLowEnergyCharacteristicData::writeConstraints() const

Returns the constraints needed for a client to write the value of this characteristic. If properties() does not include either of QLowEnergyCharacteristic::Write, QLowEnergyCharacteristic::WriteNoResponse and QLowEnergyCharacteristic::WriteSigned, this value is irrelevant. By default, there are no write constraints.

See also setWriteConstraints().

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