MapIconObject QML Type

The MapIconObject displays an icon on a Map. More...

Import Statement: import Qt.labs.location 1.0


Detailed Description

The MapIconObject displays an icon on a Map. The MapIconObject type only makes sense when contained in a Map or in a MapObjectView.

Property Documentation

content : Variant

This property holds the content to be used for the icon. The actual content of this property is somehow backend-dependent. The implementation for the raster engine accepts local urls or paths. Other implementations may accept additional content types.

coordinate : Variant

The coordinate where the icon is going to be shown. What pixel of the icon matches the coordinate is somehow backend-dependent. For example, due to limitations, some backends might associate the center of the icon with the coordinate, others one of the corners. If there is a choice, backend developers should use the center of the icon as the default anchor point.

The behavior is also intended to be customizable with a DynamicParameter, when using backends that support anchoring arbitrary points of the icon to the coordinate. What kind of parameter to use and how to achieve this behavior is intended to be documented per-backend.

iconSize : Variant

The size of the icon as it will be shown on the map.

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