AttenuationModelLinear QML Type

Defines a linear attenuation curve for a Sound. More...

Import Statement: import QtAudioEngine 1.15
Since: Qt 5.0



Detailed Description

AttenuationModelLinear must be defined inside AudioEngine or be added to it using AudioEngine.addAttenuationModel() if AttenuationModelLinear is created dynamically.

Rectangle {
    width: 300
    height: 500

    AudioEngine {

        AttenuationModelLinear {
           start: 20
           end: 180

        AudioSample {
            source: "explosion-02.wav"

        Sound {
            attenuationModel: "linear"
            PlayVariation {

Property Documentation

end : real

This property holds the end distance. There will be no sound hearable if the distance from sound to listener is larger than this. The default value is 1.

name : string

This property holds the name of AttenuationModelLinear, must be unique among all attenuation models and only defined once.

start : real

This property holds the start distance. There will be no attenuation if the distance from sound to listener is within this range. The default value is 0.

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