NdefRecord QML Type

The NdefRecord type represents a record in an NDEF message. More...

Import Statement: import QtNfc 5.15
Instantiates: QQmlNdefRecord
Inherited By:

NdefMimeRecord, NdefTextRecord, and NdefUriRecord


Detailed Description

The NdefRecord type is the base type for all NDEF record types in QML. It contains a single property holding the type of record.

This class is not intended to be used directly, but extended from C++.

See also NdefFilter, NearField, QNdefRecord, and QQmlNdefRecord.

Property Documentation

record : string

This property holds the NDEF record.

type : string

This property holds the type of the NDEF record.

typeNameFormat : enumeration

This property holds the TNF of the NDEF record.

NdefRecord.EmptyAn empty NDEF record, the record does not contain a payload.
NdefRecord.NfcRtdThe NDEF record type is defined by an NFC RTD Specification.
NdefRecord.MimeThe NDEF record type follows the construct described in RFC 2046.
NdefRecord.UriThe NDEF record type follows the construct described in RFC 3986.
NdefRecord.ExternalRtdThe NDEF record type follows the construct for external type names described the NFC RTD Specification.

See also QNdefRecord::typeNameFormat().

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