EndpointDescription QML Type

The OPC UA EndpointDescription. More...

Import Statement: import QtOpcUa .
Since: QtOpcUa 5.13


Detailed Description

An endpoint description contains information about an endpoint and how to connect to it.

Property Documentation

MessageSecurityMode : enumeration

The security mode supported by the endpoint.

InvalidThe default value, will be rejected by the server.
NoneNo security.
SignMessages are signed but not encrypted.
SignAndEncryptMessages are signed and encrypted.

endpointUrl : string

The URL for the endpoint.

securityMode : MessageSecurityMode

Security mode supported by this endpoint.

securityPolicy : string

The URI of the security policy.

The application description of the server.

userIdentityTokens : list<UserTokenPolicy>

List of user identity tokens the endpoint will accept.

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