Status QML Type

Status code of an OPC UA function. More...

Import Statement: import QtOpcUa .
Since: QtOpcUa 5.13


Detailed Description

This QML element contains information about the result status of an OPC UA action. The most common use case is to check if a call was successful

if (methodNode.resultCode.isGood) {
    // do something

Property Documentation

Status : enumeration

The names of this enumeration are matching the names from the standard, but the values are different.

Attributes of a status

Status.GoodEverything is fine.
Status.BadUnexpectedErrorAn unexpected error occurred.
Status.BadInternalErrorAn internal error occurred as a result of a programming or configuration error.
Status.BadOutOfMemoryNot enough memory to complete the operation.
Status.BadResourceUnavailableAn operating system resource is not available.
Status.BadCommunicationErrorA low level communication error occurred.
Status.BadEncodingErrorEncoding halted because of invalid data in the objects being serialized.
Status.BadDecodingErrorDecoding halted because of invalid data in the stream.
Status.BadEncodingLimitsExceededThe message encoding/decoding limits imposed by the stack have been exceeded.
Status.BadRequestTooLargeThe request message size exceeds limits set by the server.
Status.BadResponseTooLargeThe response message size exceeds limits set by the client.
Status.BadUnknownResponseAn unrecognized response was received from the server.
Status.BadTimeoutThe operation timed out.
Status.BadServiceUnsupportedThe server does not support the requested service.
Status.BadShutdownThe operation was cancelled because the application is shutting down.
Status.BadServerNotConnectedThe operation could not complete because the client is not connected to the server.
Status.BadServerHaltedThe server has stopped and cannot process any requests.
Status.BadNothingToDoThere was nothing to do because the client passed a list of operations with no elements.
Status.BadTooManyOperationsThe request could not be processed because it specified too many operations.
Status.BadTooManyMonitoredItemsThe request could not be processed because there are too many monitored items in the subscription.
Status.BadDataTypeIdUnknownThe extension object cannot be (de)serialized because the data type id is not recognized.
Status.BadCertificateInvalidThe certificate provided as a parameter is not valid.
Status.BadSecurityChecksFailedAn error occurred verifying security.
Status.BadCertificateTimeInvalidThe Certificate has expired or is not yet valid.
Status.BadCertificateIssuerTimeInvalidAn Issuer Certificate has expired or is not yet valid.
Status.BadCertificateHostNameInvalidThe HostName used to connect to a Server does not match a HostName in the Certificate.
Status.BadCertificateUriInvalidThe URI specified in the ApplicationDescription does not match the URI in the Certificate.
Status.BadCertificateUseNotAllowedThe Certificate may not be used for the requested operation.
Status.BadCertificateIssuerUseNotAllowedThe Issuer Certificate may not be used for the requested operation.
Status.BadCertificateUntrustedThe Certificate is not trusted.
Status.BadCertificateRevocationUnknownIt was not possible to determine if the Certificate has been revoked.
Status.BadCertificateIssuerRevocationUnknownIt was not possible to determine if the Issuer Certificate has been revoked.
Status.BadCertificateRevokedThe certificate has been revoked.
Status.BadCertificateIssuerRevokedThe issuer certificate has been revoked.
Status.BadCertificateChainIncompleteThe certificate chain is incomplete.
Status.BadUserAccessDeniedUser does not have permission to perform the requested operation.
Status.BadIdentityTokenInvalidThe user identity token is not valid.
Status.BadIdentityTokenRejectedThe user identity token is valid but the server has rejected it.
Status.BadSecureChannelIdInvalidThe specified secure channel is no longer valid.
Status.BadInvalidTimestampThe timestamp is outside the range allowed by the server.
Status.BadNonceInvalidThe nonce does appear to be not a random value or it is not the correct length.
Status.BadSessionIdInvalidThe session id is not valid.
Status.BadSessionClosedThe session was closed by the client.
Status.BadSessionNotActivatedThe session cannot be used because ActivateSession has not been called.
Status.BadSubscriptionIdInvalidThe subscription id is not valid.
Status.BadRequestHeaderInvalidThe header for the request is missing or invalid.
Status.BadTimestampsToReturnInvalidThe timestamps to return parameter is invalid.
Status.BadRequestCancelledByClientThe request was cancelled by the client.
Status.BadTooManyArgumentsToo many arguments were provided.
Status.GoodSubscriptionTransferredThe subscription was transferred to another session.
Status.GoodCompletesAsynchronouslyThe processing will complete asynchronously.
Status.GoodOverloadSampling has slowed down due to resource limitations.
Status.GoodClampedThe value written was accepted but was clamped.
Status.BadNoCommunicationCommunication with the data source is defined, but not established, and there is no last known value available.
Status.BadWaitingForInitialDataWaiting for the server to obtain values from the underlying data source.
Status.BadNodeIdInvalidThe syntax of the node id is not valid.
Status.BadNodeIdUnknownThe node id refers to a node that does not exist in the server address space.
Status.BadAttributeIdInvalidThe attribute is not supported for the specified Node.
Status.BadIndexRangeInvalidThe syntax of the index range parameter is invalid.
Status.BadIndexRangeNoDataNo data exists within the range of indexes specified.
Status.BadDataEncodingInvalidThe data encoding is invalid.
Status.BadDataEncodingUnsupportedThe server does not support the requested data encoding for the node.
Status.BadNotReadableThe access level does not allow reading or subscribing to the Node.
Status.BadNotWritableThe access level does not allow writing to the Node.
Status.BadOutOfRangeThe value was out of range.
Status.BadNotSupportedThe requested operation is not supported.
Status.BadNotFoundA requested item was not found or a search operation ended without success.
Status.BadObjectDeletedThe object cannot be used because it has been deleted.
Status.BadNotImplementedRequested operation is not implemented.
Status.BadMonitoringModeInvalidThe monitoring mode is invalid.
Status.BadMonitoredItemIdInvalidThe monitoring item id does not refer to a valid monitored item.
Status.BadMonitoredItemFilterInvalidThe monitored item filter parameter is not valid.
Status.BadMonitoredItemFilterUnsupportedThe server does not support the requested monitored item filter.
Status.BadFilterNotAllowedA monitoring filter cannot be used in combination with the attribute specified.
Status.BadStructureMissingA mandatory structured parameter was missing or null.
Status.BadEventFilterInvalidThe event filter is not valid.
Status.BadContentFilterInvalidThe content filter is not valid.
Status.BadFilterOperatorInvalidAn unregognized operator was provided in a filter.
Status.BadFilterOperatorUnsupportedA valid operator was provided, but the server does not provide support for this filter operator.
Status.BadFilterOperandCountMismatchThe number of operands provided for the filter operator was less then expected for the operand provided.
Status.BadFilterOperandInvalidThe operand used in a content filter is not valid.
Status.BadFilterElementInvalidThe referenced element is not a valid element in the content filter.
Status.BadFilterLiteralInvalidThe referenced literal is not a valid value.
Status.BadContinuationPointInvalidThe continuation point provide is longer valid.
Status.BadNoContinuationPointsThe operation could not be processed because all continuation points have been allocated.
Status.BadReferenceTypeIdInvalidThe operation could not be processed because all continuation points have been allocated.
Status.BadBrowseDirectionInvalidThe browse direction is not valid.
Status.BadNodeNotInViewThe node is not part of the view.
Status.BadServerUriInvalidThe ServerUri is not a valid URI.
Status.BadServerNameMissingNo ServerName was specified.
Status.BadDiscoveryUrlMissingNo DiscoveryUrl was specified.
Status.BadSempahoreFileMissingThe semaphore file specified by the client is not valid.
Status.BadRequestTypeInvalidThe security token request type is not valid.
Status.BadSecurityModeRejectedThe security mode does not meet the requirements set by the Server.
Status.BadSecurityPolicyRejectedThe security policy does not meet the requirements set by the Server.
Status.BadTooManySessionsThe server has reached its maximum number of sessions.
Status.BadUserSignatureInvalidThe user token signature is missing or invalid.
Status.BadApplicationSignatureInvalidThe signature generated with the client certificate is missing or invalid.
Status.BadNoValidCertificatesThe client did not provide at least one software certificate that is valid and meets the profile requirements for the server.
Status.BadIdentityChangeNotSupportedThe Server does not support changing the user identity assigned to the session.
Status.BadRequestCancelledByRequestThe request was cancelled by the client with the Cancel service.
Status.BadParentNodeIdInvalidThe parent node id does not to refer to a valid node.
Status.BadReferenceNotAllowedThe reference could not be created because it violates constraints imposed by the data model.
Status.BadNodeIdRejectedThe requested node id was reject because it was either invalid or server does not allow node ids to be specified by the client.
Status.BadNodeIdExistsThe requested node id is already used by another node.
Status.BadNodeClassInvalidThe node class is not valid.
Status.BadBrowseNameInvalidThe browse name is invalid.
Status.BadBrowseNameDuplicatedThe browse name is not unique among nodes that share the same relationship with the parent.
Status.BadNodeAttributesInvalidThe node attributes are not valid for the node class.
Status.BadTypeDefinitionInvalidThe type definition node id does not reference an appropriate type node.
Status.BadSourceNodeIdInvalidThe source node id does not reference a valid node.
Status.BadTargetNodeIdInvalidThe target node id does not reference a valid node.
Status.BadDuplicateReferenceNotAllowedhe reference type between the nodes is already defined.
Status.BadInvalidSelfReferenceThe server does not allow this type of self reference on this node.
Status.BadReferenceLocalOnlyThe reference type is not valid for a reference to a remote server.
Status.BadNoDeleteRightsThe server will not allow the node to be deleted.
Status.UncertainReferenceNotDeletedThe server was not able to delete all target references.
Status.BadServerIndexInvalidThe server index is not valid.
Status.BadViewIdUnknownThe view id does not refer to a valid view node.
Status.BadViewTimestampInvalidThe view timestamp is not available or not supported.
Status.BadViewParameterMismatchThe view parameters are not consistent with each other.
Status.BadViewVersionInvalidThe view version is not available or not supported.
Status.UncertainNotAllNodesAvailableThe list of references may not be complete because the underlying system is not available.
Status.GoodResultsMayBeIncompleteThe server should have followed a reference to a node in a remote server but did not. The result set may be incomplete.
Status.BadNotTypeDefinitionThe provided Nodeid was not a type definition nodeid.
Status.UncertainReferenceOutOfServerOne of the references to follow in the relative path references to a node in the address space in another server.
Status.BadTooManyMatchesThe requested operation has too many matches to return.
Status.BadQueryTooComplexThe requested operation requires too many resources in the server.
Status.BadNoMatchThe requested operation has no match to return.
Status.BadMaxAgeInvalidThe max age parameter is invalid.
Status.BadSecurityModeInsufficientThe operation is not permitted over the current secure channel.
Status.BadHistoryOperationInvalidThe history details parameter is not valid.
Status.BadHistoryOperationUnsupportedThe server does not support the requested operation.
Status.BadInvalidTimestampArgumentThe defined timestamp to return was invalid.
Status.BadWriteNotSupportedThe server not does support writing the combination of value, status and timestamps provided.
Status.BadTypeMismatchThe value supplied for the attribute is not of the same type as the attribute's value.
Status.BadMethodInvalidThe method id does not refer to a method for the specified object.
Status.BadArgumentsMissingThe client did not specify all of the input arguments for the method.
Status.BadTooManySubscriptionsThe server has reached its maximum number of subscriptions.
Status.BadTooManyPublishRequestsThe server has reached the maximum number of queued publish requests.
Status.BadNoSubscriptionThere is no subscription available for this session.
Status.BadSequenceNumberUnknownThe sequence number is unknown to the server.
Status.BadMessageNotAvailableThe requested notification message is no longer available.
Status.BadInsufficientClientProfileThe Client of the current Session does not support one or more Profiles that are necessary for the Subscription.
Status.BadStateNotActiveThe sub-state machine is not currently active.
Status.BadTcpServerTooBusyThe server cannot process the request because it is too busy.
Status.BadTcpMessageTypeInvalidThe type of the message specified in the header invalid.
Status.BadTcpSecureChannelUnknownThe SecureChannelId and/or TokenId are not currently in use.
Status.BadTcpMessageTooLargeThe size of the message specified in the header is too large.
Status.BadTcpNotEnoughResourcesThere are not enough resources to process the request.
Status.BadTcpInternalErrorAn internal error occurred.
Status.BadTcpEndpointUrlInvalidThe Server does not recognize the QueryString specified.
Status.BadRequestInterruptedThe request could not be sent because of a network interruption.
Status.BadRequestTimeoutTimeout occurred while processing the request.
Status.BadSecureChannelClosedThe secure channel has been closed.
Status.BadSecureChannelTokenUnknownThe token has expired or is not recognized.
Status.BadSequenceNumberInvalidThe sequence number is not valid.
Status.BadProtocolVersionUnsupportedThe applications do not have compatible protocol versions.
Status.BadConfigurationErrorThere is a problem with the configuration that affects the usefulness of the value.
Status.BadNotConnectedThe variable should receive its value from another variable, but has never been configured to do so.
Status.BadDeviceFailureThere has been a failure in the device/data source that generates the value that has affected the value.
Status.BadSensorFailureThere has been a failure in the sensor from which the value is derived by the device/data source.
Status.BadOutOfServiceThe source of the data is not operational.
Status.BadDeadbandFilterInvalidThe deadband filter is not valid.
Status.UncertainNoCommunicationLastUsableValueCommunication to the data source has failed. The variable value is the last value that had a good quality.
Status.UncertainLastUsableValueWhatever was updating this value has stopped doing so.
Status.UncertainSubstituteValueThe value is an operational value that was manually overwritten.
Status.UncertainInitialValueThe value is an initial value for a variable that normally receives its value from another variable.
Status.UncertainSensorNotAccurateThe value is at one of the sensor limits.
Status.UncertainEngineeringUnitsExceededThe value is outside of the range of values defined for this parameter.
Status.UncertainSubNormalThe value is derived from multiple sources and has less than the required number of Good sources.
Status.GoodLocalOverrideThe value has been overridden.
Status.BadRefreshInProgressThis Condition refresh failed, a Condition refresh operation is already in progress.
Status.BadConditionAlreadyDisabledThis condition has already been disabled.
Status.BadConditionAlreadyEnabledThis condition has already been enabled.
Status.BadConditionDisabledProperty not available, this condition is disabled.
Status.BadEventIdUnknownThe specified event id is not recognized.
Status.BadEventNotAcknowledgeableThe event cannot be acknowledged.
Status.BadDialogNotActiveThe dialog condition is not active.
Status.BadDialogResponseInvalidThe response is not valid for the dialog.
Status.BadConditionBranchAlreadyAckedThe condition branch has already been acknowledged.
Status.BadConditionBranchAlreadyConfirmedThe condition branch has already been confirmed.
Status.BadConditionAlreadyShelvedThe condition has already been shelved.
Status.BadConditionNotShelvedThe condition is not currently shelved.
Status.BadShelvingTimeOutOfRangeThe shelving time not within an acceptable range.
Status.BadNoDataNo data exists for the requested time range or event filter.
Status.BadBoundNotFoundNodata found to provide upper or lower bound value.
Status.BadBoundNotSupportedThe server cannot retrieve a bound for the variable.
Status.BadDataLostData is missing due to collection started/stopped/lost.
Status.BadDataUnavailableExpected data is unavailable for the requested time range due to an un-mounted volume, an off-line archive or tape, or similar reason for temporary unavailability.
Status.BadEntryExistsThe data or event was not successfully inserted because a matching entry exists.
Status.BadNoEntryExistsThe data or event was not successfully updated because no matching entry exists.
Status.BadTimestampNotSupportedThe client requested history using a timestamp format the server does not support (i.e requested ServerTimestamp when server only supports SourceTimestamp).
Status.GoodEntryInsertedThe data or event was successfully inserted into the historical database.
Status.GoodEntryReplacedThe data or event field was successfully replaced in the historical database.
Status.UncertainDataSubNormalThe value is derived from multiple values and has less than the required number of Good values.
Status.GoodNoDataNo data exists for the requested time range or event filter.
Status.GoodMoreDataThe data or event field was successfully replaced in the historical database.
Status.BadAggregateListMismatchThe requested number of Aggregates does not match the requested number of NodeIds.
Status.BadAggregateNotSupportedThe requested Aggregate is not support by the server.
Status.BadAggregateInvalidInputsThe aggregate value could not be derived due to invalid data inputs.
Status.BadAggregateConfigurationRejectedThe aggregate configuration is not valid for specified node.
Status.GoodDataIgnoredThe request pecifies fields which are not valid for the EventType or cannot be saved by the historian
Status.BadRequestNotAllowedThe request was rejected by the server because it did not meet the criteria set by the server.
Status.GoodEditedThe value does not come from the real source and has been edited by the server.
Status.GoodPostActionFailedThere was an error in execution of these post-actions.
Status.UncertainDominantValueChangedThe related EngineeringUnit has been changed but the Variable Value is still provided based on the previous unit.
Status.GoodDependentValueChangedA dependent value has been changed but the change has not been applied to the device.
Status.BadDominantValueChangedThe related EngineeringUnit has been changed but this change has not been applied to the device. The Variable Value is still dependent on the previous unit but its status is currently Bad.
Status.UncertainDependentValueChangedA dependent value has been changed but the change has not been applied to the device. The quality of the dominant variable is uncertain.
Status.BadDependentValueChangedA dependent value has been changed but the change has not been applied to the device. The quality of the dominant variable is Bad.
Status.GoodCommunicationEventThe communication layer has raised an event.
Status.GoodShutdownEventThe system is shutting down.
Status.GoodCallAgainThe operation is not finished and needs to be called again.
Status.GoodNonCriticalTimeoutA non-critical timeout occurred.
Status.BadInvalidArgumentOne or more arguments are invalid.
Status.BadConnectionRejectedCould not establish a network connection to remote server.
Status.BadDisconnectThe server has disconnected from the client.
Status.BadConnectionClosedThe network connection has been closed.
Status.BadInvalidStateThe operation cannot be completed because the object is closed, uninitialized or in some other invalid state.
Status.BadEndOfStreamCannot move beyond end of the stream.
Status.BadNoDataAvailableNo data is currently available for reading from a non-blocking stream.
Status.BadWaitingForResponseThe asynchronous operation is waiting for a response.
Status.BadOperationAbandonedThe asynchronous operation was abandoned by the caller.
Status.BadExpectedStreamToBlockThe stream did not return all data requested (possibly because it is a non-blocking stream).
Status.BadWouldBlockNon blocking behavior is required and the operation would block.
Status.BadSyntaxErrorA value had an invalid syntax.
Status.BadMaxConnectionsReachedThe operation could not be finished because all available connections are in use.

isBad : bool

Returns whether the result status is a failure.

isGood : bool

Returns whether the result status is a success.

status : Status.Status

Returns the exact status code. This allows to handle the status specificly.

if (resultStatus.status == QtOpcUa.Status.BadTimeout) {
    // try again

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