Stack QML Type

Provides attached properties for items pushed onto a StackView. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick.Controls 1.4

Attached Properties

Detailed Description

The Stack type provides attached properties for items pushed onto a StackView. It gives specific information about the item, such as its status and index in the stack view the item is in.

See also StackView.

Attached Property Documentation

[read-only] Stack.index : int

This property holds the index of the item inside StackView, so that StackView.get(index) will return the item itself. If view is null, index will be -1.

[read-only] Stack.status : enumeration

This property holds the status of the item. It can have one of the following values:

  • Stack.Inactive: the item is not visible
  • Stack.Activating: the item is transitioning into becoming an active item on the stack
  • Stack.Active: the item is on top of the stack
  • Stack.Deactivating: the item is transitioning into becoming inactive

[read-only] Stack.view : StackView

This property holds the StackView the item is in. If the item is not inside a StackView, view will be null.

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