TreeViewStyle QML Type

Provides custom styling for TreeView. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick.Controls.Styles 1.4
Since: Qt 5.5



Detailed Description

Property Documentation

branchDelegate : Component

This property defines a delegate to draw the branch indicator.

In the branch delegate you have access to the following special properties:

  • styleData.row - the index of the view row
  • styleData.column - the index of the view column. Will always be 0
  • styleData.selected - if the item is currently selected
  • styleData.textColor - the default text color for an item
  • styleData.index - the QModelIndex of the current item in the model
  • styleData.depth - the depth of the current item in the tree model
  • styleData.isExpanded - true when the item is expanded
  • styleData.hasChildren - true if the model index of the current item has children
  • styleData.hasSibling - true if the model index of the current item has sibling

control : TreeView

The TreeView this style is attached to.

headerDelegate : Component

Delegate for header. This delegate is described in TreeView.headerDelegate.

indentation : int

The amount each level is indented relatively to its parent level.

itemDelegate : Component

Delegate for item. This delegate is described in TreeView.itemDelegate.

rowDelegate : Component

Delegate for row. This delegate is described in TreeView.rowDelegate.

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