TumblerColumn QML Type

A column within a tumbler. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick.Extras 1.4
Since: Qt 5.5



Detailed Description

TumblerColumn represents a column within a tumbler, providing the interface to define the items and width of each column.

Tumbler {
    TumblerColumn {
        model: [1, 2, 3]

    TumblerColumn {
        model: ["A", "B", "C"]
        visible: false

You can create a custom appearance for a Tumbler by assigning a TumblerStyle.

Property Documentation

[read-only] activeFocus : bool

This read-only property indicates whether the item has active focus.

See Item's activeFocus property for more information.

columnForeground : Component

The foreground of this column.

If set, this component will be used to display the foreground in this column, instead of the columnForeground property in TumblerStyle.

[read-only] currentIndex : int

This read-only property holds the index of the current item for this column. If the model count is reduced, the current index will be reduced to the new count minus one.

See also Tumbler::currentIndexAt and Tumbler::setCurrentIndexAt.

delegate : Component

The item delegate for this column.

If set, this delegate will be used to display items in this column, instead of the delegate property in TumblerStyle.

The implicitHeight property must be set, and it must be the same for each delegate.

highlight : Component

The highlight delegate for this column.

If set, this highlight will be used to display the highlight in this column, instead of the highlight property in TumblerStyle.

model : var

This property holds the model that provides data for this column.

role : string

This property holds the model role of this column.

visible : bool

This property holds the visibility of this column.

width : real

This property holds the width of this column.

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