PinchEvent QML Type

For specifying information about a pinch event. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick 2.15


Detailed Description

The PinchEvent type was added in QtQuick 1.1

The center, startCenter, previousCenter properties provide the center position between the two touch points.

The scale and previousScale properties provide the scale factor.

The angle, previousAngle and rotation properties provide the angle between the two points and the amount of rotation.

The point1, point2, startPoint1, startPoint2 properties provide the positions of the touch points.

The accepted property may be set to false in the onPinchStarted handler if the gesture should not be handled.

See also PinchArea.

Property Documentation

point1 : QPointF

point2 : QPointF

startPoint1 : QPointF

startPoint2 : QPointF

These properties provide the actual touch points generating the pinch.

  • point1 and point2 hold the current positions of the points.
  • startPoint1 and startPoint2 hold the positions of the points when the second point was touched.

angle : real

previousAngle : real

rotation : real

These properties hold the angle between the two touch points.

  • angle is the current angle between the two points in the range -180 to 180.
  • previousAngle is the angle of the previous event.
  • rotation is the total rotation since the pinch gesture started.

When a pinch gesture is started, the rotation is 0.0.

previousScale : real

scale : real

These properties hold the scale factor determined by the change in distance between the two touch points.

  • scale is the current scale factor.
  • previousScale is the scale factor of the previous event.

When a pinch gesture is started, the scale is 1.0.

center : QPointF

previousCenter : QPointF

startCenter : QPointF

These properties hold the position of the center point between the two touch points.

  • center is the current center point
  • previousCenter is the center point of the previous event.
  • startCenter is the center point when the gesture began

accepted : bool

Setting this property to false in the PinchArea::onPinchStarted handler will result in no further pinch events being generated, and the gesture ignored.

pointCount : int

Holds the number of points currently touched. The PinchArea will not react until two touch points have initited a gesture, but will remain active until all touch points have been released.

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