FrustumCamera QML Type

Defines a Perspective Frustum Camera for viewing the content of a 3D scene. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick3D 1.15



Detailed Description

A Camera is always necessary to view the content of a 3D scene. A camera defines how to project the content of a 3D scene into a 2D coordinate space, which can then be used on a 2D surface. When a camera is present in the scene it can be used to direct what is displayed in a View3D.

To determine the projection of this camera a high level API is provided. First it is possible to position this Camera like any other spatial Node in the scene. This determines where the Camera is in the scene, and what direction it is facing. The default direction of the camera is such that the forward vector is looking up the +Z axis, and the up direction vector is up the +Y axis. With this in mind any transformation applied to the camera as well as the transformations inherited from it's parent Nodes you can define exactly where and in what direction your camera is facing.

For finer grain control of how the frustum is defined, this is the camera to use. FrustumCamera allows for setting the FrustumCamera::top, FrustumCamera::bottom, FrustumCamera::right, and FrustumCamera::left properties. This is useful in creating asymmetrical frustums.

See also PerspectiveCamera, OrthographicCamera, and CustomCamera.

Property Documentation

bottom : real

This property defines the bottom plane of the camera view frustum.

left : real

This property defines the left plane of the camera view frustum.

right : real

This property defines the right plane of the camera view frustum.

top : real

This property defines the top plane of the camera view frustum.

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