ShaderInfo QML Type

Defines basic information about custom shader code for CustomMaterials. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick3D 1.15


Detailed Description

Property Documentation

shaderKey : string

Specifies the options used by the shader using the combination of shader key values.

ShaderInfo.DiffuseThe shader uses diffuse lighting.
ShaderInfo.SpecularThe shader uses specular lighting.
ShaderInfo.CutoutThe shader uses alpha cutout.
ShaderInfo.RefractionThe shader uses refraction.
ShaderInfo.TransparentThe shader uses transparency.
ShaderInfo.DisplaceThe shader uses displacement mapping.
ShaderInfo.TransmissiveThe shader uses transmissiveness.
ShaderInfo.GlossyThe shader is default glossy. This is a combination of ShaderInfo.Diffuse and ShaderInfo.Specular.

type : string

Specifies the shader code type.

version : string

Specifies the shader code version.

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