DwmFeatures QML Type

Enables you to manage the Windows DWM features. More...

Import Statement: import QtWinExtras 1.15
Since: QtWinExtras 1.0


Detailed Description

The DwmFeatures type enables you to extend a glass frame into the client area, as well as to control the behavior of Aero Peek and Flip3D.

Property Documentation

blurBehindEnabled : bool

Specifies whether the blur behind the window client area is enabled.

bottomGlassMargin : int

The bottom glass frame margin. The default value is 0.

excludedFromPeek : bool

Specifies whether the window is excluded from Aero Peek. The default value is false.

flip3DPolicy : QtWin::WindowFlip3DPolicy

The current Flip3D policy for the window.

leftGlassMargin : int

The left glass frame margin. The default value is 0.

peekDisallowed : bool

Set this value to true if you want to forbid Aero Peek when the user hovers the mouse over the window thumbnail. The default value is false.

rightGlassMargin : int

The right glass frame margin. The default value is 0.

topGlassMargin : int

The top glass frame margin. The default value is 0.

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