TaskbarButton QML Type

Manages Windows taskbar buttons. More...

Import Statement: import QtWinExtras 1.15
Since: QtWinExtras 1.0


Detailed Description

The TaskbarButton type enables you to set an overlay icon and to display a progress indicator on a taskbar button. An overlay icon indicates change in the state of the application. A progress indicator shows how time-consuming tasks are progressing.


The following example illustrates how to use TaskbarButton in QML:

Window {
    TaskbarButton {
        overlay.iconSource: "loading.png"
        overlay.accessibleDescription: "Loading"

        progress.visible: true
        progress.value: 50

Taskbar Button

See also QWinTaskbarButton and QWinTaskbarProgress.

Property Documentation

overlay group

overlay.accessibleDescription : string

overlay.iconSource : url

The overlay icon and a description of the overlay for accessibility purposes.

progress group

progress.maximum : int

progress.minimum : int

progress.paused : bool

progress.stopped : bool

progress.value : int

progress.visible : bool

The taskbar progress indicator.

See also QWinTaskbarProgress.

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