QMultimedia Namespace

The QMultimedia namespace contains miscellaneous identifiers used throughout the Qt Multimedia library. More...

Header: #include <QMultimedia>
qmake: QT += multimedia


enum AvailabilityStatus { Available, ServiceMissing, ResourceError, Busy }
enum EncodingMode { ConstantQualityEncoding, ConstantBitRateEncoding, AverageBitRateEncoding, TwoPassEncoding }
enum EncodingQuality { VeryLowQuality, LowQuality, NormalQuality, HighQuality, VeryHighQuality }
enum SupportEstimate { NotSupported, MaybeSupported, ProbablySupported, PreferredService }

Detailed Description

Type Documentation

enum QMultimedia::AvailabilityStatus

Enumerates Service status errors.

QMultimedia::Available0The service is operating correctly.
QMultimedia::ServiceMissing1There is no service available to provide the requested functionality.
QMultimedia::ResourceError3The service could not allocate resources required to function correctly.
QMultimedia::Busy2The service must wait for access to necessary resources.

enum QMultimedia::EncodingMode

Enumerates encoding modes.

QMultimedia::ConstantQualityEncoding0Encoding will aim to have a constant quality, adjusting bitrate to fit.
QMultimedia::ConstantBitRateEncoding1Encoding will use a constant bit rate, adjust quality to fit.
QMultimedia::AverageBitRateEncoding2Encoding will try to keep an average bitrate setting, but will use more or less as needed.
QMultimedia::TwoPassEncoding3The media will first be processed to determine the characteristics, and then processed a second time allocating more bits to the areas that need it.

enum QMultimedia::EncodingQuality

Enumerates quality encoding levels.


enum QMultimedia::SupportEstimate

Enumerates the levels of support a media service provider may have for a feature.

QMultimedia::NotSupported0The feature is not supported.
QMultimedia::MaybeSupported1The feature may be supported.
QMultimedia::ProbablySupported2The feature is probably supported.
QMultimedia::PreferredService3The service is the preferred provider of a service.

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