QNdefMessage Class

The QNdefMessage class provides an NFC NDEF message. More...

Header: #include <QNdefMessage>
qmake: QT += nfc
Since: Qt 5.2
Inherits: QList

This class was introduced in Qt 5.2.

Public Functions

QNdefMessage(const QList<QNdefRecord> &records)
QNdefMessage(const QNdefMessage &message)
QNdefMessage(const QNdefRecord &record)
QByteArray toByteArray() const
bool operator==(const QNdefMessage &other) const

Static Public Members

QNdefMessage fromByteArray(const QByteArray &message)

Detailed Description

A QNdefMessage is a collection of 0 or more QNdefRecords. QNdefMessage inherits from QList<QNdefRecord> and therefore the standard QList functions can be used to manipulate the NDEF records in the message.

NDEF messages can be parsed from a byte array conforming to the NFC Data Exchange Format technical specification by using the fromByteArray() static function. Conversely QNdefMessages can be converted into a byte array with the toByteArray() function.

Member Function Documentation

QNdefMessage::QNdefMessage(const QList<QNdefRecord> &records)

Constructs a new NDEF message that contains all of the records in records.

QNdefMessage::QNdefMessage(const QNdefMessage &message)

Constructs a new NDEF message that is a copy of message.

QNdefMessage::QNdefMessage(const QNdefRecord &record)

Constructs a new NDEF message containing a single record record.


Constructs a new empty NDEF message.

[static] QNdefMessage QNdefMessage::fromByteArray(const QByteArray &message)

Returns an NDEF message parsed from the contents of message.

The message parameter is interpreted as the raw message format defined in the NFC Data Exchange Format technical specification.

If a parse error occurs an empty NDEF message is returned.

QByteArray QNdefMessage::toByteArray() const

Returns the NDEF message as a byte array.

The return value of this function conforms to the format defined in the NFC Data Exchange Format technical specification.

bool QNdefMessage::operator==(const QNdefMessage &other) const

Returns true if this NDEF message is equivalent to other; otherwise returns false.

An empty message (i.e. isEmpty() returns true) is equivalent to a NDEF message containing a single record of type QNdefRecord::Empty.

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