QRadioTunerControl Class

The QRadioTunerControl class provides access to the radio tuning functionality of a QMediaService. More...

Header: #include <QRadioTunerControl>
qmake: QT += multimedia
Inherits: QMediaControl

This class is obsolete. It is provided to keep old source code working. We strongly advise against using it in new code.

Public Functions

virtual ~QRadioTunerControl()
virtual QRadioTuner::Band band() const = 0
virtual void cancelSearch() = 0
virtual QRadioTuner::Error error() const = 0
virtual QString errorString() const = 0
virtual int frequency() const = 0
virtual QPair<int, int> frequencyRange(QRadioTuner::Band band) const = 0
virtual int frequencyStep(QRadioTuner::Band band) const = 0
virtual bool isAntennaConnected() const
virtual bool isBandSupported(QRadioTuner::Band band) const = 0
virtual bool isMuted() const = 0
virtual bool isSearching() const = 0
virtual bool isStereo() const = 0
virtual void searchAllStations(QRadioTuner::SearchMode searchMode = QRadioTuner::SearchFast) = 0
virtual void searchBackward() = 0
virtual void searchForward() = 0
virtual void setBand(QRadioTuner::Band band) = 0
virtual void setFrequency(int frequency) = 0
virtual void setMuted(bool muted) = 0
virtual void setStereoMode(QRadioTuner::StereoMode mode) = 0
virtual void setVolume(int volume) = 0
virtual int signalStrength() const = 0
virtual void start() = 0
virtual QRadioTuner::State state() const = 0
virtual QRadioTuner::StereoMode stereoMode() const = 0
virtual void stop() = 0
virtual int volume() const = 0


void antennaConnectedChanged(bool connectionStatus)
void bandChanged(QRadioTuner::Band band)
void error(QRadioTuner::Error error)
void frequencyChanged(int frequency)
void mutedChanged(bool muted)
void searchingChanged(bool searching)
void signalStrengthChanged(int strength)
void stateChanged(QRadioTuner::State state)
void stationFound(int frequency, QString stationId)
void stereoStatusChanged(bool stereo)
void volumeChanged(int volume)

Protected Functions

QRadioTunerControl(QObject *parent = nullptr)


Detailed Description

If a QMediaService can tune an analog radio device it will implement QRadioTunerControl. This control provides a means to tune a radio device to a specific frequency as well as search forwards and backwards for a signal.

The functionality provided by this control is exposed to application code through the QRadioTuner class.

The interface name of QRadioTunerControl is org.qt-project.qt.radiotunercontrol/5.0 as defined in QRadioTunerControl_iid.

See also QMediaService::requestControl() and QRadioTuner.

Member Function Documentation

[protected] QRadioTunerControl::QRadioTunerControl(QObject *parent = nullptr)

Constructs a radio tuner control with the given parent.

[signal] void QRadioTunerControl::antennaConnectedChanged(bool connectionStatus)

Signals that the antenna has either been connected or disconnected as reflected with the connectionStatus.

[signal] void QRadioTunerControl::bandChanged(QRadioTuner::Band band)

Signals that the frequency band a radio tuner is tuned to has changed.

[signal] void QRadioTunerControl::error(QRadioTuner::Error error)

Signals that an error has occurred.

Note: Signal error is overloaded in this class. To connect to this signal by using the function pointer syntax, Qt provides a convenient helper for obtaining the function pointer as shown in this example:

connect(radioTunerControl, QOverload<QRadioTuner::Error>::of(&QRadioTunerControl::error),
    [=](QRadioTuner::Error error){ /* ... */ });

[signal] void QRadioTunerControl::frequencyChanged(int frequency)

Signals that the frequency a radio tuner is tuned to has changed.

[signal] void QRadioTunerControl::mutedChanged(bool muted)

Signals that the muted state of a radio tuner's audio output has changed.

[signal] void QRadioTunerControl::searchingChanged(bool searching)

Signals that the searching state of a radio tuner has changed.

[signal] void QRadioTunerControl::signalStrengthChanged(int strength)

Signals that the percentage strength of the signal received by a radio tuner has changed.

[signal] void QRadioTunerControl::stateChanged(QRadioTuner::State state)

Signals that the state of a radio tuner has changed.

[signal] void QRadioTunerControl::stationFound(int frequency, QString stationId)

Signals that new station with frequency and stationId was found when scanning

[signal] void QRadioTunerControl::stereoStatusChanged(bool stereo)

Signals that the stereo state of a radio tuner has changed.

[signal] void QRadioTunerControl::volumeChanged(int volume)

Signals that the percentage volume of radio tuner's audio output has changed.

[virtual] QRadioTunerControl::~QRadioTunerControl()

Destroys a radio tuner control.

[pure virtual] QRadioTuner::Band QRadioTunerControl::band() const

Returns the frequency band a radio tuner is tuned to.

See also setBand().

[pure virtual] void QRadioTunerControl::cancelSearch()

Stops scanning for a signal.

[pure virtual] QRadioTuner::Error QRadioTunerControl::error() const

Returns the error state of a radio tuner.

[pure virtual] QString QRadioTunerControl::errorString() const

Returns a string describing a radio tuner's error state.

[pure virtual] int QRadioTunerControl::frequency() const

Returns the frequency a radio tuner is tuned to.

See also setFrequency().

[pure virtual] QPair<int, int> QRadioTunerControl::frequencyRange(QRadioTuner::Band band) const

Returns a frequency band's minimum and maximum frequency.

[pure virtual] int QRadioTunerControl::frequencyStep(QRadioTuner::Band band) const

Returns the number of Hertz to increment the frequency by when stepping through frequencies within a given band.

[virtual] bool QRadioTunerControl::isAntennaConnected() const

Identifies if there is an antenna connected to the device.

Returns true if there is a connected antenna, and false otherwise.

[pure virtual] bool QRadioTunerControl::isBandSupported(QRadioTuner::Band band) const

Identifies if a frequency band is supported.

Returns true if the band is supported, and false if it is not.

[pure virtual] bool QRadioTunerControl::isMuted() const

Identifies if a radio tuner's audio output is muted.

Returns true if the audio is muted, and false if it is not.

[pure virtual] bool QRadioTunerControl::isSearching() const

Identifies if a radio tuner is currently scanning for signal.

Returns true if the tuner is scanning, and false if it is not.

[pure virtual] bool QRadioTunerControl::isStereo() const

Identifies if a radio tuner is receiving a stereo signal.

Returns true if the tuner is receiving a stereo signal, and false if it is not.

[pure virtual] void QRadioTunerControl::searchAllStations(QRadioTuner::SearchMode searchMode = QRadioTuner::SearchFast)

Starts a scan through the whole frequency band searching all stations with a specific searchMode.

[pure virtual] void QRadioTunerControl::searchBackward()

Starts a backwards scan for a signal, starting from the current frequency().

[pure virtual] void QRadioTunerControl::searchForward()

Starts a forward scan for a signal, starting from the current frequency().

[pure virtual] void QRadioTunerControl::setBand(QRadioTuner::Band band)

Sets the frequecy band a radio tuner is tuned to.

Changing the frequency band will reset the frequency to the minimum frequency of the new band.

See also band().

[pure virtual] void QRadioTunerControl::setFrequency(int frequency)

Sets the frequency a radio tuner is tuned to.

See also frequency().

[pure virtual] void QRadioTunerControl::setMuted(bool muted)

Sets the muted state of a radio tuner's audio output.

See also isMuted().

[pure virtual] void QRadioTunerControl::setStereoMode(QRadioTuner::StereoMode mode)

Sets a radio tuner's stereo mode.

See also stereoMode() and QRadioTuner::StereoMode.

[pure virtual] void QRadioTunerControl::setVolume(int volume)

Sets the percentage volume of a radio tuner's audio output.

See also volume().

[pure virtual] int QRadioTunerControl::signalStrength() const

Return a radio tuner's current signal strength as a percentage.

[pure virtual] void QRadioTunerControl::start()

Activate the radio device.

[pure virtual] QRadioTuner::State QRadioTunerControl::state() const

Returns the current radio tuner state.

[pure virtual] QRadioTuner::StereoMode QRadioTunerControl::stereoMode() const

Returns a radio tuner's stereo mode.

See also setStereoMode() and QRadioTuner::StereoMode.

[pure virtual] void QRadioTunerControl::stop()

Deactivate the radio device.

[pure virtual] int QRadioTunerControl::volume() const

Returns the volume of a radio tuner's audio output as a percentage.

See also setVolume().

Macro Documentation



Defines the interface name of the QRadioTunerControl class.

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