QRemoteObjectPendingCall Class

Encapsulates the result of an asynchronous method call. More...

Header: #include <QRemoteObjectPendingCall>
qmake: QT += remoteobjects
Inherited By:

QRemoteObjectPendingCallWatcher and QRemoteObjectPendingReply

Public Types

enum Error { NoError, InvalidMessage }

Public Functions

QRemoteObjectPendingCall::Error error() const
bool isFinished() const
QVariant returnValue() const
bool waitForFinished(int timeout = 30000)

Detailed Description

Member Type Documentation

enum QRemoteObjectPendingCall::Error

This enum type specifies the possible error values for a remote call:

QRemoteObjectPendingCall::NoError0No error occurred.
QRemoteObjectPendingCall::InvalidMessage1The default error state prior to the remote call finishing.

Member Function Documentation

QRemoteObjectPendingCall::Error QRemoteObjectPendingCall::error() const

Returns the error, if any, from the remote call.

bool QRemoteObjectPendingCall::isFinished() const

Returns true if the remote call has finished, false otherwise.

A finished call will include a returnValue or error.

QVariant QRemoteObjectPendingCall::returnValue() const

Returns the return value of the remote call.

returnValue will only be valid when the remote call has finished and there are no errors.

bool QRemoteObjectPendingCall::waitForFinished(int timeout = 30000)

Blocks for up to timeout milliseconds, until the remote call has finished.

Returns true on success, false otherwise.

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