QRemoteObjectRegistry Class

A class holding information about Source objects available on the Qt Remote Objects network. More...

Header: #include <QRemoteObjectRegistry>
qmake: QT += remoteobjects
Inherits: QRemoteObjectReplica


Public Functions

virtual ~QRemoteObjectRegistry() override
QRemoteObjectSourceLocations sourceLocations() const


void remoteObjectAdded(const QRemoteObjectSourceLocation &entry)
void remoteObjectRemoved(const QRemoteObjectSourceLocation &entry)

Detailed Description

The Registry is a special Source/Replica pair held by a node itself. It knows about all other Sources available on the network, and simplifies the process of connecting to other nodes.

Property Documentation

sourceLocations : const QRemoteObjectSourceLocations

This property holds the set of sources known to the registry.

This property is a QRemoteObjectSourceLocations, which is a typedef for QHash<QString, QUrl>. Each known Source is the QString key, while the url for the host node is the corresponding value for that key in the hash.

Access functions:

QRemoteObjectSourceLocations sourceLocations() const

Member Function Documentation

[signal] void QRemoteObjectRegistry::remoteObjectAdded(const QRemoteObjectSourceLocation &entry)

This signal is emitted whenever a new source location is added to the registry.

entry is a QRemoteObjectSourceLocation, a typedef for QPair<QString, QUrl>.

See also remoteObjectRemoved().

[signal] void QRemoteObjectRegistry::remoteObjectRemoved(const QRemoteObjectSourceLocation &entry)

This signal is emitted whenever a Source location is removed from the Registry.

entry is a QRemoteObjectSourceLocation, a typedef for QPair<QString, QUrl>.

See also remoteObjectAdded().

[override virtual] QRemoteObjectRegistry::~QRemoteObjectRegistry()

Destructor for QRemoteObjectRegistry.

QRemoteObjectSourceLocations QRemoteObjectRegistry::sourceLocations() const

Returns a QRemoteObjectSourceLocations object, which includes the name and additional information of all sources known to the registry.

Note: Getter function for property sourceLocations.

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