QScriptSyntaxCheckResult Class

The QScriptSyntaxCheckResult class provides the result of a script syntax check. More...

Header: #include <QScriptSyntaxCheckResult>
qmake: QT += script
Since: Qt 4.5

This class was introduced in Qt 4.5.

Public Types

enum State { Error, Intermediate, Valid }

Public Functions

QScriptSyntaxCheckResult(const QScriptSyntaxCheckResult &other)
QScriptSyntaxCheckResult &operator=(const QScriptSyntaxCheckResult &other)
int errorColumnNumber() const
int errorLineNumber() const
QString errorMessage() const
QScriptSyntaxCheckResult::State state() const

Detailed Description

QScriptSyntaxCheckResult is returned by QScriptEngine::checkSyntax() to provide information about the syntactical (in)correctness of a script.

Member Type Documentation

enum QScriptSyntaxCheckResult::State

This enum specifies the state of a syntax check.

QScriptSyntaxCheckResult::Error0The program contains a syntax error.
QScriptSyntaxCheckResult::Intermediate1The program is incomplete.
QScriptSyntaxCheckResult::Valid2The program is a syntactically correct Qt Script program.

Member Function Documentation

QScriptSyntaxCheckResult::QScriptSyntaxCheckResult(const QScriptSyntaxCheckResult &other)

Constructs a new QScriptSyntaxCheckResult from the other result.

QScriptSyntaxCheckResult &QScriptSyntaxCheckResult::operator=(const QScriptSyntaxCheckResult &other)

Assigns the other result to this QScriptSyntaxCheckResult, and returns a reference to this QScriptSyntaxCheckResult.


Destroys this QScriptSyntaxCheckResult.

int QScriptSyntaxCheckResult::errorColumnNumber() const

Returns the error column number of this QScriptSyntaxCheckResult, or -1 if there is no error.

See also state() and errorLineNumber().

int QScriptSyntaxCheckResult::errorLineNumber() const

Returns the error line number of this QScriptSyntaxCheckResult, or -1 if there is no error.

See also state() and errorMessage().

QString QScriptSyntaxCheckResult::errorMessage() const

Returns the error message of this QScriptSyntaxCheckResult, or an empty string if there is no error.

See also state() and errorLineNumber().

QScriptSyntaxCheckResult::State QScriptSyntaxCheckResult::state() const

Returns the state of this QScriptSyntaxCheckResult.

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