QTextureData Class

class Qt3DRender::QTextureData

The QTextureData class stores texture information such as the target, height, width, depth, layers, wrap, and if mipmaps are enabled. More...

Header: #include <Qt3DRender/QTextureData>
qmake: QT += 3drender
Since: Qt 5.7

This class was introduced in Qt 5.7.

Public Functions

void addImageData(const Qt3DRender::QTextureImageDataPtr &imageData)
QAbstractTexture::ComparisonFunction comparisonFunction() const
QAbstractTexture::ComparisonMode comparisonMode() const
int depth() const
QAbstractTexture::TextureFormat format() const
int height() const
QVector<Qt3DRender::QTextureImageDataPtr> imageData() const
bool isAutoMipMapGenerationEnabled() const
int layers() const
QAbstractTexture::Filter magnificationFilter() const
float maximumAnisotropy() const
QAbstractTexture::Filter minificationFilter() const
void setAutoMipMapGenerationEnabled(bool autoMipMap)
void setComparisonFunction(QAbstractTexture::ComparisonFunction comparisonFunction)
void setComparisonMode(QAbstractTexture::ComparisonMode comparisonMode)
void setDepth(int depth)
void setFormat(QAbstractTexture::TextureFormat format)
void setHeight(int height)
void setLayers(int layers)
void setMagnificationFilter(QAbstractTexture::Filter filter)
void setMaximumAnisotropy(float maximumAnisotropy)
void setMinificationFilter(QAbstractTexture::Filter filter)
void setTarget(QAbstractTexture::Target target)
void setWidth(int width)
void setWrapModeX(QTextureWrapMode::WrapMode wrapModeX)
void setWrapModeY(QTextureWrapMode::WrapMode wrapModeY)
void setWrapModeZ(QTextureWrapMode::WrapMode wrapModeZ)
QAbstractTexture::Target target() const
int width() const
QTextureWrapMode::WrapMode wrapModeX() const
QTextureWrapMode::WrapMode wrapModeY() const
QTextureWrapMode::WrapMode wrapModeZ() const

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation


Creates a new QTextureData instance.

void QTextureData::addImageData(const Qt3DRender::QTextureImageDataPtr &imageData)

Adds an extra image layer to the texture using imageData.

Note: The texture image should be loaded with the size specified on the texture. However, if no size is specified, the size of the first texture image file is used as default.

QAbstractTexture::ComparisonFunction QTextureData::comparisonFunction() const

Returns the current comparison function.

See also setComparisonFunction().

QAbstractTexture::ComparisonMode QTextureData::comparisonMode() const

Returns the current comparison mode.

See also setComparisonMode().

int QTextureData::depth() const

Returns the texture depth.

See also setDepth().

QAbstractTexture::TextureFormat QTextureData::format() const

Returns the texture format

See also setFormat().

int QTextureData::height() const

Returns the texture height.

See also setHeight().

QVector<Qt3DRender::QTextureImageDataPtr> QTextureData::imageData() const

Returns the data of the images used by this texture.

bool QTextureData::isAutoMipMapGenerationEnabled() const

Returns whether the texture has auto mipmap generation enabled.

int QTextureData::layers() const

Returns the texture layers.

See also setLayers().

QAbstractTexture::Filter QTextureData::magnificationFilter() const

Returns the current magnification filter.

See also setMagnificationFilter().

float QTextureData::maximumAnisotropy() const

Returns the current maximum anisotropy.

See also setMaximumAnisotropy().

QAbstractTexture::Filter QTextureData::minificationFilter() const

Returns the current minification filter.

See also setMinificationFilter().

void QTextureData::setAutoMipMapGenerationEnabled(bool autoMipMap)

Sets whether the texture has automatic mipmap generation enabled, to autoMipMap.

See also isAutoMipMapGenerationEnabled().

void QTextureData::setComparisonFunction(QAbstractTexture::ComparisonFunction comparisonFunction)

Sets the comparison function to comparisonFunction.

See also comparisonFunction().

void QTextureData::setComparisonMode(QAbstractTexture::ComparisonMode comparisonMode)

Sets the comparison mode to comparisonMode.

See also comparisonMode().

void QTextureData::setDepth(int depth)

Sets the texture depth to depth

See also depth().

void QTextureData::setFormat(QAbstractTexture::TextureFormat format)

Sets the texture format to format.

See also format().

void QTextureData::setHeight(int height)

Sets the target height to height.

See also height().

void QTextureData::setLayers(int layers)

Sets the texture layers to layers.

See also layers().

void QTextureData::setMagnificationFilter(QAbstractTexture::Filter filter)

Sets the magnification filter to filter.

See also magnificationFilter().

void QTextureData::setMaximumAnisotropy(float maximumAnisotropy)

Sets the maximum anisotropy to maximumAnisotropy.

See also maximumAnisotropy().

void QTextureData::setMinificationFilter(QAbstractTexture::Filter filter)

Sets the minification filter to filter.

See also minificationFilter().

void QTextureData::setTarget(QAbstractTexture::Target target)

Sets the target texture to target.

See also target().

void QTextureData::setWidth(int width)

Sets the texture width to width.

See also width().

void QTextureData::setWrapModeX(QTextureWrapMode::WrapMode wrapModeX)

Sets the wrap mode X to wrapModeX.

See also wrapModeX().

void QTextureData::setWrapModeY(QTextureWrapMode::WrapMode wrapModeY)

Sets the wrap mode Y to wrapModeY.

See also wrapModeY().

void QTextureData::setWrapModeZ(QTextureWrapMode::WrapMode wrapModeZ)

Sets the wrap mode Z to wrapModeZ.

See also wrapModeZ().

QAbstractTexture::Target QTextureData::target() const

Returns the texture data target.

See also setTarget().

int QTextureData::width() const

Returns the texture width.

See also setWidth().

QTextureWrapMode::WrapMode QTextureData::wrapModeX() const

Returns the current wrap mode X.

See also setWrapModeX().

QTextureWrapMode::WrapMode QTextureData::wrapModeY() const

Returns the current wrap mode Y.

See also setWrapModeY().

QTextureWrapMode::WrapMode QTextureData::wrapModeZ() const

Returns the current wrap mode Z.

See also setWrapModeZ().

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