QtWin Namespace

The QtWin namespace contains miscellaneous Windows-specific functions. More...

Header: #include <QtWin>
qmake: QT += winextras


enum HBitmapFormat { HBitmapNoAlpha, HBitmapPremultipliedAlpha, HBitmapAlpha }
enum WindowFlip3DPolicy { FlipDefault, FlipExcludeAbove, FlipExcludeBelow }


void setWindowFlip3DPolicy(QWidget *window, QtWin::WindowFlip3DPolicy policy)

Detailed Description

Type Documentation

enum QtWin::HBitmapFormat

This enum defines how the conversion between HBITMAP and QPixmap is performed.

QtWin::HBitmapNoAlpha0The alpha channel is ignored and always treated as being set to fully opaque. This is preferred if the HBITMAP is used with standard GDI calls, such as BitBlt().
QtWin::HBitmapPremultipliedAlpha1The HBITMAP is treated as having an alpha channel and premultiplied colors. This is preferred if the HBITMAP is accessed through the AlphaBlend() GDI function.
QtWin::HBitmapAlpha2The HBITMAP is treated as having a plain alpha channel. This is the preferred format if the HBITMAP is going to be used as an application icon or a systray icon.

This enum was introduced or modified in Qt 5.2.

See also fromHBITMAP() and toHBITMAP().

enum QtWin::WindowFlip3DPolicy

This enum type specifies the Flip3D window policy.

QtWin::FlipDefault0Let the OS decide whether to include the window in the Flip3D rendering.
QtWin::FlipExcludeAbove2Exclude the window from Flip3D and display it above the Flip3D rendering.
QtWin::FlipExcludeBelow1Exclude the window from Flip3D and display it below the Flip3D rendering.

This enum was introduced or modified in Qt 5.2.

See also setWindowFlip3DPolicy().

Function Documentation

void QtWin::setWindowFlip3DPolicy(QWidget *window, QtWin::WindowFlip3DPolicy policy)

This function overloads QtWin::setWindowFlip3DPolicy().

This function was introduced in Qt 5.2.

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